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Looking for Archaic info on Wren/Rock Exotica Soloist rope range. 10-11.

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Mikey Anderson · · Hershey, PA · Joined Jun 2015 · Points: 53

Looking for the few that have experience leading with the soloist.  I currently use a "10" or "10.1" mm rope.  Its my oldest rope, but not in the worst shape.  I'm looking to get a new rope to replace it.  GriGri 1 and soloist have ideal rope ranges of 10-11.  Being that I used an older 10-10.1 rope not sure how consistent that diameter has remained.  I'm happy with how the soloist and my rope feed currently.  Not sure if a new 10 would feel skinnier or fatter than my present rope.

Curious what some other user's experiences are with rope ranges, feeding, etc.  Looking for an ideal moderation between device functionality and rope feeding.  I feed rope from a backpack so rope weight on the free end is not an immediate issue; still on the anchor end though.

I couldn't find any forums specifically debating rope diameter in the soloist.

Timothy Fisher · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2017 · Points: 0

I have used ropes as small as 90s 8.8 mm half ropes.
I believe the ideal diameter is a modern 9mm single rope. A soft or fluffy modern 10mm will not feed well in my opinion. A tight 9.5 would be fine.

I use several one foot loops of parachute cord on a pitch to prusik the rope to a protection point. This is to prevent slack on the anchor side of the device. I also prefer to put slack rope in a bag with a fifi.

I am kind of retired from this shit though...

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