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Eastside/Bishop poor stewardship guide.

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Karl Walters wrote: What might be helpful is to potentially highlight names of legal areas. I've just zoomed in on Google Maps to find several legal BLM areas/sites and don't mind driving from them to whatever crag for the day, but apparently this is way too hard for most people to do it and the options are:

1. Do it for them and make it public.
2. Let them continue to fuck it up.

Social media shaming won't do much. The likelihood of them getting caught again is probably low enough to not deter them or they can just simply go to whatever other spot they think is legal, get yelled at on SM again and give up trying. People are lazy like that.

It isn’t really a issue about illegal/legal.

Tablelands is a legal camp area, but people drive off existing roads, shit in the open (not even buried or take out paper), rip out plants to burn/have room, have fires where they aren’t supposed to, etc, etc.
It’s about simple decency for the habitat, outdoor recreations, people around you and people who come after you. 
Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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