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Paul L · · Portland, OR · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 205

I was looking for a different app to use for hangboarding and came across this app, "Crimpd," which is put out by Lattice Training.  
There's quite a bit more than just hangboard tracking in it, and I plan to use it for tracking my intermittent training over the next few months.  After a couple of sessions, I'm actually pretty excited to use this versus manually tracking everything.  

Has anyone used this app?  If so, are there any training plans or groups of exercises that you've found helpful?
While the exercises are grouped by category: 'Endurance,' 'Power Endurance,' 'Strength & Power,' and 'Conditioning & Mobility'
and then some sub-categories, there are no linked exercises that together would make a longer term plan.  

John Gooze · · Madison, WI · Joined Apr 2018 · Points: 0

I have been messing around with this app too.

You can use it to make a 4-3-2-1 training cycle: endurance 4 weeks, strength 3 weeks, power endurance 2 weeks, and rest/peak 1 week. During your strength week, pick 3 or 4 strength exercises and follow the instructions exactly. Combine that with a core workout, and you have a full day. Do this twice a week, and also do shoulder and forearm conditioning twice a week combined with some form of aerobic activity. This would be on a day you are NOT doing your main exercise groups. Then you have 1-2 days of climbing whatever you want outside or inside and/or 1-2 days of rest. If you are just into bouldering, skip the 4 weeks of endurance and just do a 3-2-1.

Sidebar: I think the pull up sections make more sense in the strength (max hang) and power endurance sections.

This is a relatively simple plan, but this is roughly what I am trying at the moment. I am new to training, and having a simple climbing specific workout is appealing to me. I am using some exercises that are not on this app. For example, I have a different core workout, and I do much more forearm/shoulder conditioning because I seem to injure those things every few months.

Paul L · · Portland, OR · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 205

I'm still getting familiar with the exercises, but can see putting together a program like John mentioned very easily.  I'd be curious what someone that has more experience with training thinks of the app. As someone fairly new to trying to develop and stick to a training program, it seems like a good option.  

As far as the hang board exercises, if you're wanting to do customized programs/times, it is nice having the app store your max weight for weighted hangs and suggest the appropriate weight for the session.  There isn't the ability to put a custom program in, but there are at least 5 different pre-made sets.

James Clifford · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2018 · Points: 0

I use it but am also fairly green to training. From what I've heard Lattice are due to release some big updates in the new year so hopefully that will allow more customisation regarding training plans. Would also be interested in more experienced opinions. 

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