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Harding Slot sender's measurements

dindolino32 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2009 · Points: 25

Wow, thanks duncan! I think my previous attempt and failure put a lot of doubt in my mind, but like having those hard numbers helps me put that fear aside.  I've seriously had bad dreams about that thing!

Corey Flynn · · USA · Joined Aug 2008 · Points: 150

Personally the slot just seems to get in a lot of people´s heads. I climb squeeze chimneys fairly well and did not have an issue but plenty of my friends are convinced its sandbagged and too narrow. First off, the Harding Slot is AWESOME! Overhanging liebacking to steep hands to crack mantle with nothing but air below you on some of the best rock anywhere should not be missed. If you are worried you might not fit you could always mantle into the chimney where it is wider and try it. If it is indeed to narrow just slither back down and jump down onto your last piece, you can place right before your move into the chimney, hand sized piece from what i remember. My buddy Surfer Bob has climbed astroman about 100 times and firmly asserts that he is too barrel chested for the slot and always liebacks it. Surfer Bob is not the biggest dude and a tad eccentric and is hard to convince otherwise when he gets something in his head. From what I understand, the lieback method is fairly run out and I´m pretty sure James Lucas took a mega-ride attempting to avoid the slot but he eats a lot of pie so maybe he didn´t fit.

Ryan Pfleger · · North Lake Tahoe, CA · Joined Sep 2014 · Points: 15

Thanks for all the responses. My chest measurement anterior to posterior is about 8.75" fully and aggressively deflated, and 9.75" inflated. Sounds like I should at least give it a try when the time comes!  In the meantime I'll jump on that squeeze at the Leap.

Cole Lawrence · · Missoula, Montana · Joined May 2017 · Points: 15

5.10, 150 lbs. I fit easy. I am skinny. Problem is though when I did it someone had taped some very arousing pornographic photos on the inside of the squeeze... made the whole experience a bit uncomfortable for my penis, my chest fit fine though.

You will fit, just pray the penthouse centerfold is not there anymore. I also have a big head and at one point i needed to decide what way I wanted to look at the skinniest section of the squeeze, because I realized it was becoming harder and harder to turn my head in the other direction. Once I committed to that section I was unable to rotate my head in the direction the the aforementioned pornographic material... certainly was claustrophobic not being able to move my head but it totally helped avoid catastrophic chaffing in my pants 

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