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Tick notes erased when switching tasks or screen turns off

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This was mentioned in another post recently, but I wanted to be more clear and specific:

The other day I was trying to leave a tick with a short note. And as is often the case when I'm using my phone, i was multi-tasking, and halfway through writing the tick I would switch to another app (I don't remember what for, maybe checking a message, checking the subway schedule, calling an uber, etc.).

Anyway, every time the MP app left my screen, everything I had written was erased from the screen. Mind you I didn't exit the app, or hit the 'back' button (I use Android) or anything, just switched tasks, and when I returned, the screen was blank. This even happens when I turn off the screen (i.e. to put my phone in my pocket for a moment), even if I never switch apps. My note was deleted at least 3 or 4 times as I was writing just one tick (I was very busy at the time), but fortunately after the first time I made sure to copy the text before switching tasks, so I was able to just paste it and continue.

Obviously this is super obnoxious, and is unusual behavior for an app. Even if you don't switch tasks like I do, simply receiving a phone call, or your screen timing out and going black while you're making a tick will result in your note being erased. Almost every other app does not have this behavior- With most apps when you switch tasks and return, any progress you have made or anything you've typed remains on the screen. Developers, please fix this!

(PS- I just left this comment in another thread, but realized it warranted it's own thread. Moderators feel free to delete my other comment if you think it's redundant)

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