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HCR vs Chattanooga

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Leeanne · · Denver, CO · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 150

Help me out southern climbers...I’m have 5-6 days in mid-November and was thinking about sport climbing in either Horseshoe Canyon Ranch or Foster Falls. I’ve been to HCR once awhile ago and enjoyed it.
I’m wondering a few things: weather, sport route quality, areas to stay (thinking I’m not going to haul camping gear out there as we’ll fly).
Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Chuck Parks · · Atlanta, GA · Joined Jan 2008 · Points: 2,150

I've never been to HCR, but I'm planning to go there soon and have been doing some research. I've spent lots of time in the Chattanooga area.

Weather should be fairly similar between both places. No clear winner there.

Both places should have more than enough quality climbs to keep you busy for a week. Keep in mind there are 2 additional crags (Denny Cove, Castle Rock) right down the road from Foster Falls.

In terms of logistics, HCR is the clear winner for you if it's still open in November. Lodging and meals are available right at the climbing location.

Foster Falls is about 40 minutes from Chattanooga. So you'd be looking at a considerable amount of driving every day if you stay there. There are closer towns with lodging (Jasper, Monteagle), but they aren't really the climber hangout spots.

Tyler Metheney · · St Louis · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 4

You can find cheap motels 50-60$ a night 10-15 minutes outside of HCR. You also have Sam's thrown and cave creek with both having some very aesthetic bolted lines. Ive never been to foster. Here it's pretty good but in my bias opinion its tough to beat the ranch if your a sport climber.

Luna Luna · · New Haven, CT · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 60

Hey girl!!!! Hit up chatt for sure... If I remember correctly you guys aren’t big into trad but t-wall is sweet, Foster falls is rad, there’s a ton of bouldering rigt in town (stone fort) and the city itself is great.  If you can get a look at the guidebook (chat steel) it’ll give you an idea of the sport in the area.  Message me I can send you some screenshots of some areas if ya want


Luna Luna · · New Haven, CT · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 60

There are also some beautiful sport climbs at t wall 

Patti Degner · · Boulder, CO · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 71

I've been to HCR many times but not to Chattanooga. HCR charges $10/day to climb there, and $10 to camp there (includes running water, you can pay for a shower). There is lodging in cabins that you can pay more for too. There is a small gear shop that sells burritos and sometimes coffee. Outside of HCR is lots of other good sport, like Sam's Throne (mostly trad but some noteworthy sport lines), Candy Mountain (excellent), and Valley of the Blind (great for harder sport climbs). Primitive camping is free at Sam's, and it's very close to Candy Mountain and VOB, and about 1hr from HCR. 

MrZ · · Colorado · Joined Dec 2010 · Points: 270

HCR is great but gets expensive really quick and really shines in grades 5.11 and below. Not many options for the 5.12 or higher climber.

Another thing to consider is that Chatty has things to do on rest days and has a "night life" if you want to do city things. HCR is fairly remote. 

Luna Luna · · New Haven, CT · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 60

Free camping in the t wall lot, lots of air bnbs in town, a pretty chill hostel in Chattanooga as far as where to stay on the cheap 

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