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Longs Peak - Keiners Route - GPS, topo, gear, conditions Sept 2018

Andy Novak · · Bailey, CO · Joined Aug 2007 · Points: 370
Brian wrote: I don't mean to be condescending but if you need GPS corodinates to find this climb and you need to ask for a gear list you probably aren't ready for an alpine climb.  

Agreed.  This entire thread makes me nervous.  

Jim Amidon · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2001 · Points: 880

Yes it makes me nervous too an obviously new climber from lower elevations taking on a casual stroll to the seasoned Alpinist, but this route has LOTS of subjective hazards this time of the year.  Also this is one of the two months people whom are NOT farmiliar with RMNP and the weather wind up starting on a clear blue sky day then find themselves in a blizzard on top of Longs.

I also agree for this time of the year there are better routes and trust me I consider Lamb Slide a mega classic when it's in season, June and July, but after that Lambs slide changes drastically .


Peter B · · Denver, CO · Joined Sep 2018 · Points: 0

Hopefully it went well if you went Charlie, but I too agree with the dudes above and didn't mean to give you the wrong impression of this serious terrain and route.  Listen to guys like Justin and Andy as they have much more experience than I.

Pete Vastyan · · Lafayette, CO · Joined Nov 2016 · Points: 0
I think I can send this to you via email. It would be easier if you’re using a Suunto. My gps died right before the summit. Also it’s hard to ping perfect locations around the diamond so the path is a little wonky. This was from my July 4th climb last year
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