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Route Drawing App?

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David Sweet · · Moscow, ID · Joined Jan 2007 · Points: 430

I've been told that there as an app available from MP that allows one to draw route lines, bolt locations, belay stations, etc. on JPEG files. Is this true? Is it part of the regular Android and Mac available for phones?

Randy Von Zee · · Darien, IL · Joined Jul 2017 · Points: 18,946

When you upload a picture, you have the option to draw topo on it. I guess you could right-click and save-as the marked-up version.

Nick Wilder · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jan 2005 · Points: 3,436

It only works on the web, not the iOS or Android app.  When you upload a photo to a route or area, you are given the option to draw lines, bolts, etc on the photo.  That data is later editable, should things change or if you make a mistake, and the data is a separate "layer" in the photo, so you can turn it on and off.

Here's an example:…

Darren Mabe · · Flagstaff, AZ · Joined Dec 2002 · Points: 3,830

Would be nice to delete or undo from phone

Ken Duncan · · Ft Collins, CO · Joined Jul 2004 · Points: 3,945

When not on MP what program/app do people use to draw topos on photos?

Jason Halladay · · Los Alamos, NM · Joined Oct 2005 · Points: 12,383
Ken Duncan wrote: When not on MP what program/app do people use to draw topos on photos?

I use Instagram as if I'm posting to an Instagram story. Then just save it to my device instead of posting. I'm sure there are better apps but I know IG, it' simple and works. 

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