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Linking Facebook to current profile

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Sorry if this is a double post. I got a " didn't send any data" error when I tried to create this topic a few seconds ago.

Basically, I noticed a huge disparity between the ticks and to-dos on my profile and the app. At first I thought it was a syncing problem but I finally figured out that I am logged into one platform with facebook and the other with my email address. Because I have used both to make forum posts, upload pictures and track climbs, it would be an incredibly useful feature to merge or link accounts. Otherwise I will have to choose one of the two and lose all the data from the other. Wouldn't be the end of the world, but a little bit annoying. Does this feature exist already?

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I can combine accounts for you.  PM me and include a link to BOTH of your user pages (or give both email addresses).  Tell me which user you'd like merged and which should survive.

After I merge them, I recommend you log out everywhere and log back in to the surviving account everywhere.

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