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Verliga alpine lake – Wild camping on Greece’s secret paradise

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The word paradise develops in Western languages from the Greek word paradeisos. In the western culture the concept of paradise developed in two related levels. The first was scriptural and thus a part of religious belief: paradise is either a place for life after death—often serving as a more tangible and concrete substitute for the vaguer term heaven —or the setting for a primal, idealized epoch in human history: the Garden of Eden.

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The second way in which the concept developed was through the actual physical depiction or recreation of the religious image of paradise on earth, either in the form of actual gardens or through the use of certain types of garden imagery, and this is exactly what the alpine lake of Verliga is about.

The legendary mountainous lake Verliga in Lakmos mountain is in central Greece. Located in the Alpine zone, at an elevation of 2.050m, it is the third lake of the mountain range of Pindos, and it is the fountainhead of the great Acheloos (Aspropotamos) river. The whole area and the view from this location are really breathtaking.

From Tsoukarela towards the alpine lake of  Verliga it was an easy downhill hike. This is perhaps one of the nicest alpine areas of Greece and perhaps of South Europe.
What makes this lake special is the 10 meanders (serpentine course) creeks that form descend from the main lake towards the Acheloos river. In addition, the lake is surrounded by various peaks, such as Tsoukarela, but most of all of the stunning peak of Megas Trapos.

How to reach Verliga lake
Most of the hiking trails towards Verliga lake start from the village Chaliki, on the eastern part, and from the village Anthochori, on the northern part.

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