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Moving to Boston - best place for meeting trad/alpine climbers & training partners?

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polloloco · · Boston · Joined Mar 2014 · Points: 255

I'm moving to Boston from Los Angeles and will be working near Boston University. This seems to be equidistant in terms of public transport time to Brooklyn Boulders, Rock Spot, and Central Rock - all ~40 minutes away.

I'm hoping to meet some people who are into trad & alpine climbing and who dislike bouldering :)
Is there a particular gym that you would suggest? Preferably one with cracks.

10+ years of experience, starting to lead 10b cracks in Joshua Tree, enjoy long moderate alpine rock (Charlotte Dome, Tuolumne peaks, Red Rock), lukewarm on sport, dislike bouldering, enjoy following on snow & ice (have gear)


Sherpa Bob · · Boston, MA · Joined Aug 2016 · Points: 0

Welcome to Boston!
MetroRock in Everett is my choice, routes are a little longer than the others and they do a pretty good job of re-setting frequently. They run a car shuttle from Wellington station on the orange line. (1 mile walk).
If you want to meet up sometime, trade epic stories, etc.. happy to share my 20yrs experience of northeast climbing. Sounds like we share some of the same problems; cracks, trad, sport is good for training and bouldering should be avoided at all costs.

I'll actually be in the Idyllwild area in late June, wouldn't mind swapping beta on the Tuolumne area.


Tim McGivern · · Medford, ma · Joined Feb 2012 · Points: 11,422

Welcome! Wow though... Bouldering is incredible training for Trad. There is also a ton of high quality bouldering 20-40 min of Boston. What the heck is there to dislike?

Many of the Trad climbers I know I’ve met bouldering at the local bouldering crags. You’ll meet them at Metro as well.
I guess I just don’t truly understand why folks go pay big bucks to pull TR plastic, but have have a strong dislike for short, real, quality outdoor climbing.

Regardless, I’m usually game to go get on routes! Some of those you listed are on my to-do.   

Jacon · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2013 · Points: 200

Welcome! We need more of you.  

Fuck bouldering, and fuck pulling on plastic. Invest in a car, Cannon is just 2 hours away...

polloloco · · Boston · Joined Mar 2014 · Points: 255

Thanks for the kind welcomes & beta! I'll reach out to you guys when things settle down with the move! Probably June-July timeframe. Super excited to check out NE climbing with you all!

A note about bouldering: I used to be a boulderer myself (first 5 years of climbing). I enjoy bouldering but these days I avoid it due to injury (shoulder, finger, elbow, ankle sprains... I just suck at staying healthy bouldering apparently) and also I prefer quiet and listening to nature. These days bouldering areas tend to be filled with people, and it's no longer an escape. Kudos to anyone that boulders consistently though - you guys are strong and I'll never get that strong!

Will have a car for weekend trips! Just planning on daily commute via public transport for work & gym. 

Rob Blakemore · · Boston, MA · Joined Jun 2015 · Points: 105


Just to summarize the gym situation (and understanding that opinions vary).

I've had memberships at BKB, Rockspot and Central Rock. The only cracks I know of are at Boston Rock Gym although I've never climbed there. Most of the trad climbers I know are at CRG Watertown or MetroRock.  You can get to CRG: Watertown with a bus to the Watertown Square area,  Metro has a better public transport situation but requires an intermittent shuttle. Rock Spot southie is probably the easiest to get to via public transit (off the Red Line). and is the easiest to train by yourself between the bouldering and auto-belays. CRG Watertown is great if you can go when it isn't crowded.  Many of my friends also highly recommend Metro. (Metro CRG/Watertown split seems to be down to where people live). BKB is a large modern gym but it is expensive and some people look down on it for having a "hipster" vibe (your community workspace / accroyoga / ninja / parkour / crossfit-esque fitness classes are at BKB). 
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