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C3 pulley or Flexor tendon injury?

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Aswin raj · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2018 · Points: 0

Hello Everyone,

I injured my ring finger a few days back, while pulling a crimp with my ring finger and little finger. I heard a pop and immediately stopped climbing. I don't have any swelling or inflammation anywhere, and there is no pain from any of the tendons if i press on it. Finger mobility is not affected at all. But if i try to put and any weight on my finger tips (distal phalanx), any area top of the first knuckle, it hurts the forearm ('meaty' part of it) and the first joint (c3) area. Also, when i bend the finger backwards, i feel pain on the first joint.

Because of no inflammation or any direct pain on fingers, i wonder it's not an Annular pulley injury. My question is, Is this an C3 injury or a flexor tendon injury?

Has anyone on here had a similar injury before? What was your treatment approach?

Any advice is appreciated.


Adrienne DiRosario · · Troy, NY · Joined Jan 2016 · Points: 0

No one but a doctor who examines you will be able to accurately diagnose you. That being said, I am currently dealing with an A4 injury and am not able to climb at all. Treatment ranges from rest to surgery depending on the severity but the one thing almost all pulley injuries have in common is that they won’t go away if you keep climbing. Resting sucks but the consequences of climbing through pulley injuries and making them worse suck even more. Go to the doctor. If finances prevent you from doing that try resting it for a number of weeks first and seeing if that helps. 

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