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Is this the wrong place to find an adventurous wilderness loving boyfriend?

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The last guy I dated wanted to dream about wilderness exploration instead of going out and doing it, so I thought this might be a better place to find my mountain man than regular on-line dating. A long shot, I know. Maybe the wrong place. But please don’t be a hater, if this seems ridiculous to you, move on and resist the urge to send a sarcastic or hurtful message. If you’ve also been living the best life possible and are hoping to find someone to share it with, please read on.

I spend as much time as possible (3-5 months a year, usually) in the back-country skiing, climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, canyoneering and bike touring. Last year I biked around Iceland for 4 weeks solo, so I’m also into international travel, though I’m in love with the west and not even close to being done exploring and loving this country. I’m not very technically skilled but I’m very experienced, safe, enthusiastic and adventurous. I’m also an intense lady and have tons of energy (the last guy I dated dumped me because I’m “too dynamically engaged with life all the time”).

I own my own home and have super rewarding work in Santa Cruz, teaching self-defense and writing for an adventure magazine. I have a great community, eat super healthy, get lots of exercise, have a daily yoga practice and stay on top of current events. I love reading and nerding out on natural history, geology, history and wild life. When I’m not out adventuring I like to share and make food, garden, go to movies, various cultural events and museums. I’m not much for sitting around, but I love to snuggle! I have my shit together financially (though I’m poor)- I’ve already paid my taxes this year.

If you’re interested in getting to know me please be kid, pet and drama free. Have your shit together financially and be emotionally available. Please have some free time to play together and be under 50 or so- that way there’s a better chance we can keep up with each other. No open psychic wounds! Maybe start by telling me about your last wild adventure or what book you’re reading or what you had for dinner last night.

I’m off for an extended wild spring break: deserts, mountains, maybe redwoods or Lassen, definitely some back country skiing. And I have the entire summer off- contemplating an Andes adventure. If you’d like to join me for some or any of that, please get in touch! Have fun out there!!

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