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djh860 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2014 · Points: 110

Does anyone have any experience with these boots?  Any feedback is appreciated.

Skibo · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 5

Not those, but I have some Aku hiking boots, and their (discontinued) ice boot (SL Pro:  review at  Both are well made, and wouldn't hesitate to buy if they fit.

Nate Doyle · · Sierra Foothills · Joined Feb 2016 · Points: 39

Okay, this is going to be the worst feedback you've ever received, ever.

I have the Serai GTX

I haven't had a chance to put them through the ringer, aside from some light snowshoeing and hiking around (I told you worst ever) but, FWIW, they felt amazing the second I put them on. Seriously, they felt better than my street shoes lol.

They seem very well built and I'm thinking they will last awhile (I mean, last awhile under actual real use.)

Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to buy AKU again. They're kind of bad ass. For some reason, the Serai was cheaper than the Montagnard GTX at the time and that's why I went with those. They have the same Vibram outsole and are "kind of" similar. I'm thinking the Montagnard could last longer since they use heavier materials (the Serai are lighter.)

Now forget everything I just said and wait for a real review.

Kevin Adams · · Auburn, WA · Joined Jan 2016 · Points: 0

I have the Aku SL Pro II, basically the precursor to the Serai.  I also have the Aku Spider 8.0 (an 8000m boot) which is incredibly comfortable.  Aku makes some fantastic boots.  I have taken My SL Pros to the summit of Rainier multiple times and they have performed admirably.  They are light, technically precise, comfortable, and they've held up very well.  I've also used them for ice climbing and the odd snowshoeing activity.  I'd say the SL Pros (and probably the Serai) are very comparable to the Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX in a lot of respects.  I certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy Aku boots.  If Aku made double boots, I'd buy those too.  

Linnaeus · · ID · Joined Aug 2011 · Points: 0

I've used them, always had good days in them when I never had to think about them again after snugging them up at the base of the climb. Prior to purchasing I had never heard of them nor found any reviews, and I was quite impressed when they showed up.

Pros: good construction, good fit (for me), warm, durable, competitive pricing, good lacing and lace locks

Cons: weight (although competitive with the LS Nepal and Scarpa Mont Blanc), and 2 problems I had with the sole. First, it had too much rocker, mostly in the heel. Although my BD crampons fit OK, it did not fit my Silvretta bindings in part due to the sole rocker (heel clip didn't fit). For reference, the LS Nepal doesn't have any rocker in the heel. Second was the sole length; it was longer than the same size LS Nepal which pushed the front points and secondary points even farther in front of my toes, and compounded the fit problems in my Silvretta bindings. Although, part of the Silvretta problem was a function of my size 48 boots (mated to an XL Silvretta binding), so if you don't use approach skis and/or have smaller feet this may not be an issue. 

I got the AKUs to replace some Nepals, but have since moved on to another set of Nepals. The Silvretta problem pushed me to get rid of them. 

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