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Jim Bridwell RIP

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I haven't talked to Jim in probably five years or so after he quit coming to the OR Show. The conversations were always a highlight especially as I have some of his tinker toys. Some of which would make the vast majority of climbers wet themselves if they had to use them. Like the two tapered 3/4" long machine bolts with a galvanized strapping tape hanger. The holes in the strapping tape make them light weight. I have a few other his gems on the shelf.  Thanks Jim.

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Chris Van Leuven's piece in is very good and correctly reports the date of death. Somehow there's been some confusion as to that.

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Definitely one of the climbers who inspired me and made me dream of the Valley. Condolences to his family and friends. 

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'He decided, “not to go to war and kill other humans at the dictate of a specious government,”'

‘I’m not friends with climbers, I’m friends with people.’

“I don’t need to solo, I got friends.”

“I was never tempted by money,” Bridwell said. “If I had been, things could have gone badly.”

'Famously, on the first ascent of Kichatna, Bridwell bivied in a garbage bag, a hole poked for venting cigarette smoke.'

These, beyond his actual climbing achievements, are in my mind what made Bridwell such a noble and notable figure in our addiction.


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I wish you guys knew what he meant to those around him formed in the 70's scene.

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New Jimmy since 79 and went to Patagonia with him. Non of us would know the craft like we do because he had a neck like a giraffe 

Wind to your back Jimmy R.I.P

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Wild stuff.   The Duane Raleigh article is awesome.   Bird seemed like a good dude, who cared about people and didn't take himself too seriously.  Humility is a lost art.

"During that leech-infested Equatorial march Bridwell got a Dayak tattoo from a village chief, ate roasted lizard and became host to an intestinal parasite that once he got home had grown to the size of a hotdog. When the worm worked its way out, Bridwell chopped it up and grilled it, or so the tale goes."

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I don't know about care for people and humility. I love Jimmy, but he loved being a dick, and more so if you knew him. 

Notorious hold out. As for humility, he always introduced himself by his full name. The premise being, "Oh, I'm sure you have heard of me if you were a climber", LOL. 

But, Jimmy never turned down an opportunity to teach you what is right, help and other climber if he liked you to come up and get better and the man was an amazing critical thinker.

Genius for sure. 

WE all have to go at some point, but the fact remains, climbing tried its best to give Jimmy the chop. But, Bridwell wasn't going out on a hot rope.  

Much love for the departed original Master of Stone.

P.S. Cant say I think much of Robbins and neither did Jimmy. Sacher was his mentor.

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I was 21 in the spring of 74 with a whole year of climbing behind me. We had some “time off” and a few weeks in the Valley at Easter seemed like fun. Only problem... it was raining and had been for a week. My water soaked friends and I were making coffee and rolling numbers while huddled in the VW van. Up walks Jim Bridwell, he introduces himself- confirming our suspicions- and asked if he could “join in”....  “Yes, please- sit down.” 

We were partying with the KING!! 

The rain finally stopped, the sun started shining and Jim took a big interest in his new friends and their rock climbing. 

Every morning he would stop by, roll a few, and give route recommendations. At nite he wanted to know how it went that day. When he found out we had climbed “Point Beyond” he was genuinely happy for US. Over the next several years I actually got to tie in with him a few times, those occasions are hi points in my career.

Jim Bridwell was OUR king... I consider myself very fortunate to have spent some time in C4 back in the 70’s. 

Thank you Jim Bridwell.

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RIP Jim!
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I remember.  

God Bless.

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