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Shout Out to Black Diamond Customer Service

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SethG · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2009 · Points: 250

I want to acknowledge publicly that I've had two interactions with Black Diamond in which their service/warranty department has gone way above and beyond the call of duty, surpassing my expectations.

1. About two years ago, I had a blue .3 C4 in which the wire popped out from the lobe. This was not the trigger wire; it was the spring-loaded wire that makes the lobe function. Knowing that this was a safety issue and not something I could fix myself, I called Black Diamond to ask if they could repair it. When I talked to a rep on the phone, he told me that they don't offer this kind of repair. I was ready to suck it up and write off the cam, but then the rep asked me how long I'd had it. I told him, truthfully, that I'd been happily using the cam for a decade. To my surprise, he offered to replace it under warranty! I got a free cam, which was something that I never expected after such a long period of use.

2. More recently, I had a trigger wire break on my bigger blue No 3 C4. I decided to fix it myself. I ordered the repair kit and I'm sorry to say I didn't do a great job installing the wire. I didn't bend the wire enough and the new wire kept popping out when I would place the cam. This wasn't a safety issue but it was annoying, and after I tried several times without success to bend the wire more securely, I decided to just send the damn thing to BD and let them install a new wire properly. 

So I sent it in towards the end of December and I didn't hear from Black Diamond for a while. Last week I sent them an email, not complaining, but saying I know they are a small operation and I was just wondering if they knew when the cam might be coming back to me. They responded that they'd been backed up and they were sorry for the delay-- and that they'd decided to replace my Number 3 with a new one! I just got it in the mail. Again, I never expected this and I was very pleasantly surprised. 

You see a lot of griping about various companies on the internet, including Black Diamond. I thought they deserved to be commended for the way they've treated me as a customer.

Al Pine · · The 'yack, NY · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

I had a similar experience. They replaced a C3 a few years ago that shipped wit interference between the lobes. Great service!

Steven Vogel · · Houston, TX · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

I can happily add to the BD lovefest. I bought a Chaos harness awhile back and the belay loop started fraying near the stitching pretty much immediately.  After a couple months it no longer felt safe to belay from (I would backup every time i belayed) and I called customer service.  BD not only replaced the harness after I informed them of the issue, but they rush shipped the replacement so that I would have it in time for a trip i had planned. Have not had any issues with the replacement.  

Ryan Van Dyke · · Rolla, MO · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 25

Yeah BD is pretty great. Bought a used Dawn Patrol jacket off of here, and when it arrived I realized the soft side of the velcro on the cuffs was really worn. I sent them an email and they offered to fix it for free as long as I shipped it there, even though I wasn't the original owner.

Plus, BD LOVES the Enormocast.

Highlander · · Ouray, CO · Joined Apr 2008 · Points: 255

Years ago I had a .5 camalot that had bad spring tension, I mailed them the old one and they sent me a new. They did question how long I had it because it had seen a lot of love (well used), and you could not read the serial number, but the customer service rep was very cool and sent me a new cam anyway. 

Carter Smith · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2017 · Points: 10

BD is amazing with customer service--the best of any outdoor company I've worked with lately!!

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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