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Routes near St. Louis, MO

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Flynn Hayes · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2018 · Points: 0

I live in the St. Louis area.  I'm looking for good places to go boulder.  I haven't been in years and when I did it before it was on a family member's land in rural MO.  That's no longer an option.  I really want to climb outdoors.  Gyms get pricey and it's just not the same.  I have no expereince with rope climbing.  I'd love to find somewhere that's either a good day trip or even a weekend trip.  I enjoy backpacking and a bit of a hike to a site doesn't bother me.  The closest route I've been able to consider is Elephant Rocks park.  That's fine, don't get me wrong, but I was wondering if there are other routes that people can tell me their experiences with as well.

Mike P · · Saint Louis · Joined Apr 2013 · Points: 71
Dave Hug · · Carbondale, Illinois · Joined Oct 2013 · Points: 9,800

Hey Flynn, Holy Boulders are the best sandstone bouldering around, but if your interested in granite, check out Elephant Rocks, its pretty spectacular. 

Michael Martzahn · · St. Louis, MO · Joined Jun 2016 · Points: 45

I just moved to STL to get closer to the Holies.  Definitely the best place around.  There's some closer stuff at the beach, graveyard, etc, but you can't go wrong with the holies.  

Jcburgart · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2016 · Points: 15

Holy Boulders are Amazing! and there's some awesome problems down in Jackson Falls

Ryan Van Dyke · · Rolla, MO · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 25

Holy Boulders, Elephant Rocks, and if you take a nice long drive down I-44 to Springfield, you could check out Peter's Branch. Never been to Holy Boulders, but both E-Rocks and Peter's ALONE have more than enough problems to keep you climbing for seasons. E-Rocks should be a day trip for you, and you could camp out at Peter's Branch. 

Flynn Hayes · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2018 · Points: 0

Thanks, folks!  I hadn't checked out Holy Boulders yet.  Much appreciate the recommendation.

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