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Yosemite in April

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Nathan Grubbs · · Shirley, NY · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 0

Hi everyone.

My name is nathan.  I have been to Yosemite before, but have never climbed in the valley.

I’m looking for someone to lead me up El Cap in mid April.  Preferably someone who has experience on El Cap, and has all of the right gear to do it in a one day push, and possibly an overnight if that’s what we decide.

I myself am a well rounded climber.  I lead, I follow, I belay, I climb. But, I’ve only been a Gunks climber and this will be my first time up a “big wall”.

So...if you have the experience, and wish to lead me up my first El cap run, hit me up.  We can discuss routes, gear, climbing experience, ect....

thanks lady’s and gents.

Lou Cerutti · · Carlsbad, California · Joined Jan 2014 · Points: 209


Nathan Grubbs · · Shirley, NY · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 0
Lou Cerutti wrote:


Wanna climb some big shit in April?

Luke Sheffer · · Altadena, CA · Joined Dec 2015 · Points: 0

You are probably not going to have any luck finding someone to lead you up El Capitan for free w/o any experience climbing in the valley. If you are set on getting on el cap rather than some smaller walls, the YMS offers a 6 day el cap climb for $5,800. Good luck and be safe.

Nathan Grubbs · · Shirley, NY · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 0

Luke. Thanks for the info man. It’s tough coming all the way from New York to climb there. It turns into a whole mini expedition. 

But damn, that’s an insane amount to pay anyone to climb a rock that cost nothing to see and climb. Boggles my mind that anyone would pay that.  Haha I better be lead up el cap by Alex honnold and jimmy chin, all while being fed catered meals with unlimited beer, as well as have every bit of gear provided and put up in the hotel for a week. Just wild brother. 

Luke Sheffer · · Altadena, CA · Joined Dec 2015 · Points: 0

Yosemite is still  climbing mecca even if you don't happen to get on any big walls! What kind of aid experience do you have? Hauling? If you have the basics down and have some gear I would reccomend checking out the south face of the washington column. It is a legit big wall but easier than el cap or half dome, plus it has the nicest bivy ledge ever! If that doesn't happen or if you still have some climbing left in you afterwards, I would reccomend doing some of the longer classic free climbs. Central pillar of frenzy is a personal favorite and has stunning views of el cap. Lots of people love royal arches but I didn't find it to be classic whatsoever, but it might be worth checking out if very long and easy routes are your thing. The rostrum is an all time enduring classis if you climb the grade, plus it boasts possibly the easiest descent/walkoff in the valley! I'll probably be in the valley in april so if you want to do some cragging hit me up. 

Good luck!


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