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List of the best "digital nomad" crags?

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I work remotely and I've recently been trying to get a list of some places I'd want to take a couple weeks out to while still working. Depending on my workload I can sometimes get out for half days during the week, so I would likely do this during slow weeks. I prefer sport climbing, then trad climbing, and will probably only go bouldering if the place is as good as Bishop since I hate failure :(.

Some criteria I've come up with:

  1. Easy to sublet/rent room with decent internet that is 15min(drive) away from the crag
    1. Alternatively, camping near the crag with strong cell data(for receiving/sending email or tethering if I'm in a tight spot). This option requires there to be coffee shops, libraries, or community colleges nearby(less than 30 min drive)
  2. Easy to find partners(either mproj or in person).
  3. area has reliable internet, speed isn't super important(10mbit down and 2mbit up would be enough) but it can't be cutting in and out all the time since I'd be using it for conferencing.
  4. Preference goes to single pitch areas since it's hard to squeeze a full day of multipitching into a half day during the week.
  5. Bonus points if the timezone of the place is quite different than mountain time so I can climb during the day and work in the evening.
  6. Super extra bonus points if the crag gets cell data for receiving emergency emails.

Here are some examples:

1. Maple Canyon - I spent 2 weeks there this last summer. The campsite I got had LTE data. Partner finding was easy. The community college 25 min away in Ephraim had super fast internet and was a phenomenal place to get work done. There was also the bonus of it being a summer destination so my half days during the week were pretty long.

2. Siurana(spain) - Can get a cheap room there(300 euros a month) in cornudella de montsant which is 15 min away from the crag. Tons of climbers there for partners. The internet isn't super fast but still reliable.

3. Smith Rock - Easy to find a place to sublet in redmond(or bend if you wanna make the extra drive). Easy to find partners through mproj. Internet is fast there and there are plenty of coffee shops.

Here are some places I'm hoping fit this criteria, if you've been to any of them and were able to work productively let me know:

Kalymnos, Mallorca, anywhere in France, anywhere else in Spain.

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