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Stubai Stick-On Anti-Ball Plates

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Curious if anyone has any experience with these. I can't find a single review (at least one in English) anywhere on the interwebs! They seem like a pretty sweet setup. For background, I got a pair of Darts ( I know, I know, "Darts are for cragging, why do you need anti-bots" but I'd like to be able to have the flexibility to do longer stuff on them if it comes up, and approach and descend from a route without packing a second pair of crampons). Anyways, I went to add Anti-bot plates, realized Petzl doesn't make front plates for the Darts, started looking elsewhere, and came across this stuff while looking around. 

I ended up returning the Darts for other reasons besides the balling. Now I'm trying to decide if its worth it to hang on to these stick-on plates and potentially test them out on some other crampons. It's pretty pricey stuff, and if it is designed to stick to metal in the cold, I imagine it won't be easy to get off. So it'd be nice to hear if anyone has had any luck with it before I take the plunge. 

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