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T Wall Theft, still an issue?

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JasonWilliams · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2013 · Points: 0

So, I learned my lesson the hard way a few years ago. I know not to leave ANYTHING in my car now. But I honestly haven’t even climbed at T Wall since that incident. I was a little bitter, needless to say. Have any thieves been caught and/or have the incidences of theft slowed or stopped? I really loved the climbing there, but it’s a pain in the ass for someone like myself who isn’t local to have to leave my gear elsewhere or carpool, especially if I want to spend the whole weekend there. Just thought I’d reach out to the community and see if the situation was any better these days. 

waldo · · Knoxville, TN · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 30

I didn't have any problems last year, but i also took everything out of my car except the McDonalds coffee cup.

Ezra Ellis · · Hotlanta · Joined Dec 2007 · Points: 0

No problems in March of 2014, we left our windows down and doors unlocked 


Mobes Mobesely · · MDI · Joined Mar 2006 · Points: 865

Chattanooga got rid of all the drugged up thieves, it's all good just leave a Bible on the dashboard.

Chuck Parks · · Atlanta, GA · Joined Jan 2008 · Points: 2,150

I'm there fairly often. The last couple of winters have been pretty quiet. But there's no guarantee it'll stay that way. You can't really predict when crimes of opportunity like that are going to occur. Best to take preventative measures.

Jeremy Hand · · Northern VA · Joined Feb 2012 · Points: 50

Follow Ezra's suggestion. 

Chad N · · Central California · Joined Jan 2010 · Points: 1,867

I lived there a few years ago for a short while. Seemed like it was always an issue. I would park with all the windows rolled down, took my reg/ins. cards w/ me, had much better piece of mind, never a problem. A friend would do the same but also leave a dollar bill somewhere in the car just to know if anybody was in there. Sounds kinda crazy if you've got a really expensive ride, I know.

Crash Pad might help with luggage storage, or a free day pass/week pass at the YMCA - big lockers, take some locks.

Mostly country kids looking for petty theft, not grand theft auto. 

Enjoy the T-wall, awesome place! 

Good luck, carpooling in is a good idea too. But yeah, camping/hanging out there for days. Ooooooo, tough one. 

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