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would you be having of the tips for 2nd "date?"

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Aleks Zebastian · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jul 2014 · Points: 175

climbing friend,

What advice would you be giving on to me to go on "second date" with a special lady friend? and what is it that is customary in your country?

Do you appear with plastic grocery bag full of offering of luna bars and proposal for the marriage? Or perhaps a bucket of fresh bloody fishheads freshly grasped from the river and fish necks crushed off with your mighty hand?

Do not shower, change the clothing, or clean your vehicle at all so it would be well known how radical your outdoor lifestyle is?

allow your unibrow to grow thickly and unplucked to display your dominance and physical superiority?

Attempt hide your true self and pretend to be some idealized version of yourownself based on your imaginings of what the other person would like?

Talk constantly of yourself, your incredible muscles and sweet skills nonstop, and of the climbing in most serious manner, and do not show such weakness as to ask any questions or allow the interaction to be "fun?"

David Steele · · Unknown Hometown · Joined May 2016 · Points: 45

All of the above, while simultaneously spraying about how your date should live their life to be more like yours. 

wendy weiss · · boulder, co · Joined Mar 2006 · Points: 10

She's accepted a second date?

Joshua Dee · · San Diego, CA · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 30

Usually wins them
Bill Shubert · · Lexington, MA · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 55

Make the second date at the crag. When she (or he?) sees your bold flash, they will quiver with such excitement that your only worry will be your date fumbling the belay as they lower you.

Gunkiemike · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2009 · Points: 2,800

A nice manicure is paramount, I hear.

Christopher Roberts · · Boulder, CO · Joined Apr 2002 · Points: 70

My advice to any of my climbing friends . . . Don't be yourself!

Jeff Luton · · Ventucky Ca · Joined Aug 2016 · Points: 5

You gotta let him/her know who all there flash belongs too

Patrik · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2010 · Points: 30

There is plenty of wisdom on MP for you to consider:

First of all, you need to get yourself a puppy. Sweet ladies of this country are suckers for puppies. ( Best kind of crag dog? )

Absolutely spend money. Showing up on a second date with used protection is no good. ( How to value used gear?

Just in case she wants to do a partner double check about your equipment, you may want to clean your small nuts. ( Cleaning small nuts )

If you happen to have a wide fetish, make sure there are no bugs. ( The wide fetish bug )

The first date is usually fairly mellow, but a second date might involve something R rated, so maybe review your skills in this department. ( Being comfortable with runouts and R rated )

NathanC · · Logan, UT · Joined Jul 2016 · Points: 10

Set up a portaledge on the area's premier classic

Also, definitely bring a dog.  The more aggressive the better, to guard your stuff at the base.

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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