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Full used trad rack - unsure of value?

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Michael B · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2017 · Points: 0

Im selling my trad rack - 14 cams, 17 nuts/stoppers, 19 sling draws and associated biners, etc.  Wondering about real street value - what someone would realistically pay for all pieces.  I dont need to ask for a full value purchase obviously.  Its used equipment, but light use.  Maybe 10-12 trips to arkansas over the course of about 3 years.  Then the climbing stopped, everyone had kids.  No big falls on any piece, maybe a few 5-10 foot falls.  102 pieces included in the rack - mixed brands of items - Black Diamond, Clog and Wild Country. Plenty of scratches but everything in good working condition, cams have good action.

Here is whats included:

10 qty Wild Country solid nuts - sizes 1-10

7 qty Wild Country rock-centrics (hollow) - sizes 3-9

1 qty extraction tool

19 sling-type draws in varying lengths: - 7 long draw slings with 14 biners, 6 medium length draw slings with 12 non-locking carabiners, 2 petzl brand quick draws with 4 biners, also 1 long sling draw  and 3 medium length sling draws with 8 locking carabiners

14 Cams: - Wild Country Friends - sizes 0.0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.0, Clog cams - sizes 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, Black Diamond camalots - sizes 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, and 11 carabiners among the cams also

Black Diamond shoulder sling organizer
2 Petzl oversized D auto-locking biners
1 Petzl Reverso belay device
2 chalk bags and new unused canister of chalk

Just need some guidance in asking price, and/or offers.  My initial feeling was just to price the cams at $25 each and everything else for $75, which comes to $425.  Seems like a bit too much and your forcing someone to buy pieces they may not need.  Im selling out of Kansas City, and will ship obviously.  Let me know what you think fellas.  Please no low balls, just honest offers/opinions.  

edit - forgot to add images...

Dr Strangelove · · Bend, OR · Joined Oct 2017 · Points: 30

Around 30 a piece for the cams, depending on condition. More for the big ones

Spend some time browsing the FS section and youll get a good idea how much stuff sells for round these parts

grog m · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2012 · Points: 70

Used cams roughly 40 bucks apiece. Maybe less depending on age and condition. So 14*40 = 560 for the cams. 

Logan Peterson · · Santa Fe, NM · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 75

If you end up asking 25 each for the Camalots, then I'll take them and cover shipping. With a bit of patience, they should fetch more. The age of the nylon will be a big factor in the value of the alpine draws. Seems like folks make more when willing to piece out racks--especially when there are various brands of cams.

Altogether, I bet you'll have a pretty easy time getting 425.

Gunkiemike · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2009 · Points: 2,800

It should fetch 450-500 if sold altogether. 

Fritz Nuffer · · The Western Slope · Joined Mar 2012 · Points: 235

Old-style 3.5 and 4 Camalots are high-value in the desert, and it's Creek season. Check sold listings on Ebay to get a good idea of what people are willing to pay for them.


Parker Lewis · · Bozeman, MT · Joined Mar 2017 · Points: 0

PM sent!

J.J. Bremberg · · Fairfax, VA · Joined Sep 2017 · Points: 0

Also PM sent!

marc · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2017 · Points: 0

Is it sold yet? If not PM me.

Zach Raney · · Leadville, CO · Joined Aug 2014 · Points: 0

I’ll take the old bd 4.5 And 5

Michael B · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2017 · Points: 0

Would rather sell the entire rack all at once, asking $500 firm, shipping should only be around $15-20 priority mail.  Got several messages but dont want to sell off the cams individually.  Im just not in the community anymore and I figure its easier for one of you to resell what you dont want, rather than me.  

Michael B · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2017 · Points: 0

Rack is sold.  thanks to everyone.

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