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Nano Air Light Hoody

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Matt Sutinen · · Milwaukee, WI · Joined Oct 2017 · Points: 0

I was curious to see if any of the early adopters had any reports on the Nano Air Light Hoody's durability?  I've searched high and low and no one really reported back on the loss of loft or how the shell held up?  

Nut Tool · · Portland, OR · Joined Aug 2017 · Points: 0

I've been wearing one every day for 6 weeks with a lot of climbing, including a 2 week road trip. I really like the jacket but I feel like the shell is showing moderate wear, mainly at the belly where it would naturally rub the rock. It seems to pick up a lot of dirt compared to the slicker down jacket shells. I washed it once and it didn't clean up that much. I also feel like maybe it lost a little somethin somethin in the loft when I washed it... Not much. It's quite breathable, from a skinny dude that tends to run warm. If you want something to take the edge off, great. If you want something to keep you quite warm in breezy situations, this ain't it. 

Nut Tool · · Portland, OR · Joined Aug 2017 · Points: 0

My overall feeling so far is that this is NOT a very durable jacket...

Gabe B. · · Madison, WI · Joined Apr 2013 · Points: 86

I love mine, where it all the time, it has held up fine. Not so much in the brush though, and if I expect rough conditions, i through my beat up wind shell on. Typical of Patagonia (and most companies) I have found some stitching coming undone. 

Matt Sutinen · · Milwaukee, WI · Joined Oct 2017 · Points: 0

Thanks for the replies!  Has there been any noticeable loft loss other than just washing it?

Kevin Mokracek · · Burbank · Joined Apr 2012 · Points: 275

It has been my go to jacket for two years now from ski touring to climbing.   I did a ski tour in the sierra last spring and never put a shell on even when it was snowing.  Between the super breathability and my heat caused by skiing the jacket never got wet.  This would not be the case had i been standing still at a belay.   It's true that it is not that durable but that is very obvious when you first feel the fabric.   For me I knew it would tear or snag while climbing but I either throw some tape on it or stitch it up when I get home.   The trade off is worth it to me.   I would rather have a jacket that breaths and is super comfortable while climbing than one that might be a little more durable but feels clammy and doesn't breath that great.  Just think of the scuffs and tears as reminders of great days outside.    If you are concerned with a few tears and scuffs this jacket is not for you.    If you want a jacket that is warm, breaths great and is super flexible both literally and situationally this is a great choice.  Maybe a slight loss of loft after several washings but still doing great.

Jacon · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2013 · Points: 200

Mine has lost some loft after a year of skiing and climbing in it, and I don't use it that much (it hasn't replaced my R1 hoody).  A sweet piece, but I expect it's loft to continue to degrade.   

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