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Nick Shaon · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 0

Gonna be headed down to El Potrero Chico solo around December 15th-January, never been before and am looking for potiential partners/beta on how to prepare. I most likely will be driving so any advice on that front would be nice. I know I have to get mexican insurance and such but any other advice on what is essiential to bring is welcomed. I lead up to 5.12 and am up for getting on easier stuff or whatever speaks to you! 

Rudy Peckham · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 3

Check out this page we have step by step directions. https://potrerochico.com/driving-directions/

Code Whittaker · · Annapolis, MD · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 10

Hey man, I went down to potrero about the same time of year last year. I'm actually considering making the trip again this winter, but not fully sure yet, if I do and you'd be interested, I'd love to go up a few routes with ya. I climb into the mid 12s. The only real advice I could give about driving down there is just to use your head, don't be stupid lol. If you stay on the toll roads you generally won't have any issues, but bring a few hundred pesos cash with you just in case (the cops there like to pull people over there and make your life miserable unless you give them 100 pesos). What to bring: just what you'd expect for a normal climbing trip. In general you can get whatever you need from hidalgo and the ranch, so it's pretty simple. Oh, also try and time out your drive so that the whole drive in mexico is in the daylight. 

Nick Shaon · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 0

Thank you Rudy for that link! Code: if you can make it down there around the same time I am I'm game for getting on some stuff with you!! Thank you for the advice. Definitely gonna bring some extra pesos for bribes

Nate Ball · · Portland, OR · Joined Aug 2010 · Points: 8,480

Hi. Posting this here instead of creating my own thread. I will also be in Potrero from Dec. 26-Jan.3 and will be looking for a partner for some of that time. Stoked to cruise up some multi-pitches. I'm planning to camp at El Sendero. See you down there!

Jess Arnold · · Minneapolis, MN · Joined Jan 2017 · Points: 386

Hey all! 

I'm scheming up a trip to Potrero as well, around the same time frame... if not a little longer into January. Still trying to wrangle in a friend or two. If anyone wants to trade belays and share camp, I'd be stoked. 'specially if you're familiar with the area.

Dana Walters 1 · · Spokane, Washington · Joined Jan 2014 · Points: 45

I will be in Mexico from the Dec 16- Jan 6.  I will be in El Salto for most of the time possibly without a partner from Dec 28- Jan 6 

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