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El Potrero Chico

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Nick Shaon · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 0


Rudy Peckham · · Potrero Chico · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 508

Check out this page we have step by step directions.

Code Whittaker · · Annapolis, MD · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 10

Hey man, I went down to potrero about the same time of year last year. I'm actually considering making the trip again this winter, but not fully sure yet, if I do and you'd be interested, I'd love to go up a few routes with ya. I climb into the mid 12s. The only real advice I could give about driving down there is just to use your head, don't be stupid lol. If you stay on the toll roads you generally won't have any issues, but bring a few hundred pesos cash with you just in case (the cops there like to pull people over there and make your life miserable unless you give them 100 pesos). What to bring: just what you'd expect for a normal climbing trip. In general you can get whatever you need from hidalgo and the ranch, so it's pretty simple. Oh, also try and time out your drive so that the whole drive in mexico is in the daylight. 

Nate Ball · · Portland, OR · Joined Aug 2010 · Points: 9,451

Hi. Posting this here instead of creating my own thread. I will also be in Potrero from Dec. 26-Jan.3 and will be looking for a partner for some of that time. Stoked to cruise up some multi-pitches. I'm planning to camp at El Sendero. See you down there!

Jess Arnold · · Minneapolis, MN · Joined Jan 2017 · Points: 302

Hey all! 

I'm scheming up a trip to Potrero as well, around the same time frame... if not a little longer into January. Still trying to wrangle in a friend or two. If anyone wants to trade belays and share camp, I'd be stoked. 'specially if you're familiar with the area.

Dana Walters 1 · · Spokane, WA · Joined Jan 2014 · Points: 120

I will be in Mexico from the Dec 16- Jan 6.  I will be in El Salto for most of the time possibly without a partner from Dec 28- Jan 6 

Ben Pieper · · Unknown Hometown · Joined May 2016 · Points: 35

Hey everyone, I am thinking about heading down late December to January time frame, but still a little on the fence as my current partners might not be able to make it work. I would be headed in from the Midwest, probably flying unless I could carpool with someone down. If anyone is still looking for a partner, let me know!

David Gibbs · · Ottawa, ON · Joined Aug 2010 · Points: 2

Hey Ben, I'm looking to be there Dec 26-Jan 7th.  I may have a partner for part of that, or may not.  (Local climbing friend who isn't reliable about planning things.)  I'd be interested, but not sure I climb as hard as you'd like.  (I lead up to about 5.10b at EPC, follow a grade or two harder.)

Eric Sorte · · Albuquerque, NM · Joined Apr 2013 · Points: 45

Hey Nic, I did a trip down there in February.  I flew into Laredo and drove from there.  Hertz let me take the car across the border for something like $10 a day for insurance.  The drive was easy and chill (1.5 hrs if I remember correctly).  It's really nice to have a car there just to get to the rock and back.  Getting back across the border to get home took about an hour, so plan that time in for sure.  

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Scott E · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 20

It is very easy to find partners once you are there 

Mike Slavens · · Houston, TX · Joined Jan 2009 · Points: 35

I'd bring extra draws, like 18 to 22, and a 70m rope for any of the long routes.  This allows you to link two pitches at a time which allows you to move much faster.  Each pitch is typically 60' to 90' but well bolted so two pitches can have lot of bolts to clip.

We stayed the night in Laredo and crossed first thing in the morning.  This keeps the line short at border crossing.  On the return trip it took us nearly 2.5 hours to cross the border once we got back to Laredo so budget for extra time if needed.

Jacob Belsher · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 101

Hey Nic et al, I'm in the same boat.  Looking to climb in from dec. 16th - Jan. 1.  Will lead upto 12a/b.  Please let me know if any of you are still looking for partners!

Jeremy Lubkin · · Worldwide Wanderer · Joined Apr 2013 · Points: 5

I'll just join in... I fly into Monterey 9a Jan 4.  I plan to climb until Feb 3. I'd like to start in El Salto or ~1wk.  Lead low 12's.

guacarocker Victorica · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2013 · Points: 0

Hi there !

I'm looking for potential climbers in Potrero Chico starting on Nov, 19 until Nov, 24 2017. If you're also planning to go in those dates (next week) let's have a chat to partner up. My level is average, and can lead 5.7s to 5.10s. As far as accommodation goes I can connect you with a guide who supports the local community. This is one of the best time of the year to go climb there, the weather is perfect for one and is less crowded than other climbing areas in North America. 


Joe Campbell · · Cookeville, TN · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 20

Hey all! I'll be taking the bus out of Nashville bound for Monterrey on Dec 26. Does anyone have any recommendations on getting from Monterrey to El Salto? I would be willing to pay a local for a shuttle if anyone has any contacts. I'll be there until Jan 20ish. Cheers!

Rudy Peckham · · Potrero Chico · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 508

We can help you. Go to and contact me with the form or the email link. 

Jeffrey Woodcock · · Newton, MA · Joined Nov 2017 · Points: 0

I started a new thread, but thought I would add to this one too.

I'll be in Potrero from Dec 25-31. I'm looking for climbing partners as well. I will lead up to 11a, but more comfortable with 10a-d. Super psyched to climb in Potrero! 

Ryan Hall · · Yosemite Valley · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 0

Hello friends!

I'll be driving to Potrero Chico from Maryland, leaving 12/27! Hoping to find some people to share the road with! I have a comfy van so we can trade driving / napping shifts. Text me if you're interested! 240-315-4526.


Shane Bates · · Pequannock, New Jersey · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 200

Hey all looking for partners, there’s always tons of people out their riding solo looking for partners. I will be one of them heading down tomorrow for a month or so.  I’m curious if anyone in this thread knows if you can take a bus from the airport to Hidalgo. I know there’s a bus that does it from what I see online I just don’t know if you can catch it from the airport or how far it is ect. Anyone with knowledge or experience doing this let me know 


Jo Mer · · Tempe · Joined Jun 2014 · Points: 104

Hi all! Seems like a good thread to piggyback to look for someone to share a cab from Monterrey to Hidalgo. I'm flying into Monterrey on Dec 25th at about 1pm. If you want to share a cab let me know. I've got one booked through La Posada.


Hans Adamsson · · Minneapolis, MN · Joined Dec 2017 · Points: 0

Hey everyone, just gonna post here since it seems this is where the people are! due to unforeseen circumstances my partner had to bail on our trip to EPC, so I'll be going it alone! I fly into Monterrey on December 29th, and am staying at La Posada until January 9th. Looking for anyone and everyone to climb with, especially those who know the area a little bit as this will be my first time :)  Let me know if you wanna meet up and/or make some meals together or something!

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