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Moving to Reno?

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David Dennis · · High Sierra · Joined Dec 2009 · Points: 45

I'm moving to Reno this winter to go back to school at UNR and was just putting out feelers for anyone on here who might have or know of a room for rent. I'd be moving into the area in late December. I'm older (31), a veteran, and I've worked as an interpretive ranger down in Tuolumne Meadows for the past four years. Even if you just have advice about good/bad places to live in the Reno area it would be appreciated. I'm hoping to live as close to the school as possible. 

I've spent a good chunk of time climbing in the Sierra and the Utah desert and will also be looking for partners both for outdoors stuff as well as gym partners at the new Mesa Rim Reno facility.


Jonathan W C Lam · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2016 · Points: 0

Hey David I am living in Reno too would be interested in moving out of my crappy overpriced apartment. If you find a house and looking for a roommate please let me know. There are a few sketchy neighborhood near campus (for example downtown Reno where I am living). Pick with care!

I would be psyched to partner up too! 

Welcome to the BLC!

Jordan Drew · · Reno, NV · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 10

Not sure how far along you are in your search but northwest Reno would probably be the nicest area, close to campus and on the other side of campus from downtown, so you don't have to deal with all the nonsense that comes with living so close to the casinos. Pretty close to hopping on 80 to Tahoe/Truckee as well. Wish I had a room or a referral for you but just wanted to let you know my thoughts. I live in NW Reno around Kings Row (between McCarren and Keystone) and it's a decent neighborhood with reasonable pricing for a room, close to campus. 

Let me know how your search goes, heading into Mesa Rim in the next few weeks, hope to see you there bud! Climb on!

David Vogel · · Lake Forest, CA · Joined Apr 2015 · Points: 1,330

FWIW my friends moved to Reno last year and told me the nicest areas to live in are NW Reno, followed by SW (still nice and cheaper), and to not bother living on the East side anywhere. This is not my experience, but what a good friend and his wife who now live in Reno told me. Gotta love how close Tahoe area and Sierras are, hope you enjoy!

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