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Clarification on Steve Bechtel's Integrated Strength Program

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Whiskeybullets · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2008 · Points: 40

In Steve Bechtel's book Climb Strong Logical Progression, he recommends an integrated strength program (pages 54 and 55) that combines a fingerboard workout, heavy strength workout (weightlifting), and mobility into a "circuit-style" workout format.

He gives an example protocol:

A Group

A1: Hangboard 1

A2: Deadlift

A3: Hip Mobiliy

B Group

B1: Hangboard 2

B2: Push Up

B3: Shoulder Mobility

C Group

C1: Hangboard 3

C2: Push Up

C3: Splits

He then instructs: "3 sets of each group, done circuit-style", but provides no definition of circuit style.  Ive interpreted it two different ways:

A Group - B Group - C Group - A Group - B Group - C Group - A Group - B Group - C Group


A Group - A Group - A Group - B Group - B Group - B Group - C Group - C Group - C Group

Can anyone provide insight into which of the above protocols is meant by the term "circuit style"?

Ned Plimpton · · Salt Lake City · Joined Jul 2008 · Points: 110

The way I read it, it's the latter.  Makes more sense because you're not mixing finger positions, most importantly not training full crimp without being warmed up enough.  

Andrew Southworth · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2014 · Points: 55

You may have already have listened to it, but if not, on Episode 22 of "The Power Company Podcast" he went into pretty good detail about Integrated Strength. From what I remember I would say the circuit style is referring to the fact that you are doing your Weights and Movement exercises between your Hangs. I don't know that it would make that much of a difference which of those two protocols you did, but I'm not an expert.

evan h · · Denver, CO · Joined Oct 2012 · Points: 330

Yep, I interpreted it as the latter as well. I admit it's a bit confusing in a number of areas on that section of the book.

Will S · · Joshua Tree · Joined Nov 2006 · Points: 1,051

I interpret  it as the latter, and would do it as the latter even if that's not what he intended.

I would not be doing my second & third sets of deadlifts after already being a bit tired and having done multiple sets of pushups, hangs, and splits. Deadlifting I want to be totally fresh to maintain good form. 

Aleks Zebastian · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jul 2014 · Points: 175

climbing friend,

"integrated strength" it is not good as "crushing strength."

you are not listening to the podcast.

all your flash are belong to me.

believe in, follow the 4-plan, all your dreams will come true, and it is possible you add angry campusing 4 weeks passing max crushing strength quadrupling.

"Through wind and snow, few men hear the call to press on,"

- Herman Buhl

- John Long

- Alex Zebastian

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