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new regional forum names NE versus NW

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kenr · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2010 · Points: 11,837

I was very glad when MP management split the Eastern region into north and south. We don't have much good sport climbing here in the Northeast like in the South, and we can't solve that problem by pretending that we somehow share in their success.

But the details seemed to indicate some misunderstanding by MP management of language and culture east of the Mississippi River.

Like I compared our new name with a western US region, how about the "Pacific Northwest".

Actually most of those of us who live nearby usually just call our region "the Northeast" -- same idea as that NW region.
. . . (though we already know the name of the ocean we live next to, don't need to be reminded by MP).

I was struck by the "States" part of our MP name. 

I'd long thought that the Pacific NW also had "states" -- so why wasn't that in their MP name?

My first guess was that MP management, not knowing climbers living in the Northeast, was imagining that many of us might not be aware of governmental organization by "states", and they hoped to educate us by making it explicit.

Or maybe they'd heard that government is actually different in the Northeast -- like perhaps unlike in the western USA where states are fiercely independent, our local units in the Northeast are just departments buried inside some benevolent organization run by wise experts in Cambridge.

But now with the latest change with our name on Partner Finder forums, my guess has changed.

Splitting our geographic reference into North + Eastern?
Surely MP management could not think that we living here could not our own location on a countrywide map.

Therefore all this regional naming must have been directed toward Westerners, who might not know how to find the Northeast on a map. Maybe some of them needed to have it broken into two steps? First raise your eyes to the upper half of the map, then move them right-ward -- and there it is, the NE.

OK so on behalf of my fellow Northeast climbers, I conclude:
We will gladly tolerate strange naming by non-locals, if that helps them feel comfortable doing the good work of storing and displaying our partner requests and our updates about rock and routes. Better yet if they direct contributions to our bolt funds and access projects.


SMarsh · · NY, NY · Joined Sep 2013 · Points: 3

Some possible ways of guiding people who are somewhat lost:

1.  List all the state or country abbreviations for the geographic references that are greater than one state or country?  (Of course it would be good if the discussion topic forum and the partner finder forum matched or were subdivisions of one another.)

2.  On the route guide -- at the state directory level, cross reference the region for forum discussions?  Again, that assumes some continuity.

For all the people who know themselves to be "world travelers", neither would be necessary.  For those who don't know how to divide the regions, it might help.

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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