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Off Topic - Gunks Hiking Access Question.

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Rob Blakemore · · Boston, MA · Joined Jun 2015 · Points: 30

The Mohonk Preserve website says that a hiking pass from the Mohonk Preserve will be honored in Minnewaska State Park and on the Mohonk Mountain House grounds but doesn't specify the noted restrictions and regulations.  Does anyone know if this is accurate and what those restrictions are?  

"You can continue your hike onto the grounds of the Mohonk Mountain House and into the Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Some restrictions and separate regulations apply. Check with a ranger for details."  (

I will certainly check with a ranger next time I'm there, but was curious if anyone had up to date info.  (I have a MP membership, but some of my friends don't and we'd like to hike a longer route and possibly avoid the separate (MSP $10/vehicle, MP $15/hiker, MMH $26/hiker) day-use fees if an MP pass allows that). 

I hike at least as much as I climb in the Gunks and have wandered onto one or the other property many times without a problem, but wasn't sure if that was just dumb luck or official policy. 

Thanks for any info and sorry for the non-rock climbing question.

MojoMonkey · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2009 · Points: 68

I've run all over HP, MSP and the Mountain House and and I think if you are just hiking you are good. Biking has additional restrictions on which trails are allowed. 

I believe for the Mountain House property it is the restrictions for their day hiking pass ( - no access to the Mountain House).

For Minnewaska State Park I think it is just what you could do if you paid the $10/car to park there. See:

Things that require additional fees or certifications aren't included. So you could hike through Peterskill but not climb (has a separate fee). There is a test and fee for long distance swimmers in Minnewaska, for example ( I've run/biked into Minnewaska with no fee, since that is per-car.

SethG · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2009 · Points: 252

If you park at Jenny Lane (small lot) you will avoid all fees.

MojoMonkey · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2009 · Points: 68
SethG wrote:

If you park at Jenny Lane (small lot) you will avoid all fees.

Though you still are supposed to have a MP pass or day pass if you enter the MP grounds. I was carded once on a ride.

Rob Blakemore · · Boston, MA · Joined Jun 2015 · Points: 30

I really appreciate the info.  Thanks!

I basically want to do a traverse of the ridge starting in South Gully and ending in Rosendale (the SRT looks cool but skips Gertrude's / Millbrook Ridge / Eagle Cliff / Skytop which is a shame). I'm guessing with MP day passes, parking near Ellenville and spotting a car at Binnewater Kiln we should be able to do the whole thing without any extra fees. 

That'd be cool, I was thinking it might be a $50 day. 

Happiegrrrl · · Gunks · Joined Dec 2005 · Points: 60

The Minnewaska State Park day fee, at10 per car, is a Vehicle Entry fee. They do not charge a per person land access fee. This entitles you to access on the Minnewasak State Park, but not the Mohonk Mountain House orMohonk Preserve lands.

Mohonk Preserve fees for hiking arr $15 per person 13 years of age or more($20 for cycling). This allows you access, on foot(or bucyle wth the correct pass), to all three entities - Prserve, Mountain House, and Minnewaska State Park. Your vehicle, if you have one, must be parked in Preserve lots; your  pass does not allow vehicle access to the lots at  the Mountain House OR Minnewaska State Park.

Mohonk Mountain House day passes are $21 per person over 12  years of age, Monday through Friday, and $26 on Saturday/Sunday.  Kids under 12 are $16(M-F) and $21(Sat/Sun). They also have a family pass for 2 Adults/2 Under 12.  For more detail: .  Mountain HOuse Day Pass allows you access to trails at the House(not access to the Mountain House itself) as well as access to Mohonk Preserve on foot.  It does not allow access for vehicles at the parking areas of MP or the State Park.

So - to the OP.  If you are entering Miiewaska on foot or bicycle, you pay no fee.  Have your membershp card or buy a day pass while accessing the Mohonk Preerve, and that pass also allows access to the Mountain House grounds. A helmet is required for bicyles on MP and MMH grounds, and not all paths are open for bicycles.

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