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Favorite Crossfit/Mtn Athlete Workouts

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builttospill · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2006 · Points: 0

I am getting back into shape after a long hiatus.  As part of my fitness regimen, I'm planning to do ~1 higher-intensity Crossfit-style workout each week, in addition to my normal aerobic workouts, general strength training, and climbing-specific training.  What are your favorite of these style of workouts?  Since I won't be doing them daily, I want to build up a short list of good workouts that I can cycle through.


1. No really special equipment.  I'm not going to buy and install gymnastic rings.  But stuff like a sandbag or normal weights are fine.

2. No dangerous complex lifts.  I'm not a weightlifter.  I know I should probably learn how to deadlift properly, but for now I want to avoid stuff that is unnecessarily hard on my out-of-shape body.

Feel free to describe the workout or link to a description.  Doesn't have to be CF, obviously -- anything in the "functional fitness" genre is good.

Disclaimer: I don't really think Crossfit/Mtn Athlete workouts will help me improve at rock climbing, but I do a lot of long, easy routes and long days in the mountains, and in the past I thought they were useful -- in conjunction with more traditional workouts -- for increasing general fitness.

Andrew G · · Silver Spring, MD · Joined Feb 2013 · Points: 303

I like the Spartacus workouts for this kind of thing. There are a bunch of different iterations you can find the interwebs. They only require some light dumbbells and the exercises are pretty straightforward (though may take a practice round the first time). I mostly run and climb, so it's a nice way to build some length strength and diversify my workout. Plus the rigid structure makes it easier for me to stick with the workout (no matter how much cursing I'm doing by the third set).

Nick Votto · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2008 · Points: 320

Leg blaster by Mtn Athlete (if you're an alpine climber or skier) 

Andrew Krajnik · · Plainfield, IL · Joined Jul 2016 · Points: 277

"The Challenge" from P90X3. It's an alternating push-up/pull-up workout. The goal is to pick a number of push-ups, and a number of pull-ups, you'll do for each set, and strive to keep that number. For instance, maybe you choose to do 20 push-ups and 8 pull-ups each round. Here's what your workout would look like:

8 standard pull-ups, 20 standard push-ups

8 standard pull-ups, 20 standard push-ups

8 chin-ups, 20 military push-ups

8 chin-ups, 20 military push-ups

8 close-grip pull-ups, 20 wide-grip push-ups

8 close-grip pull-ups, 20 wide-grip push-ups

8 vaulter (one hand overhand on bar, the other underhand) pull-ups, 20 offset push-ups (one arm in military position, other arm wide)

8 vaulter  pull-ups, 20 offset push-ups (switch your offset for both of these)

The goal is to pick a number that you can sustain through every set. You should be able to get done in under 30 minutes. If you are finished in less than 30 minutes, do a burn-out round of 1 pull-up, 3 push-ups, 1 pull-up, 3 push-ups, continued until you hit 30 minutes.

It's an excellent high-intensity, upper body, heart-pumping working. One of my favorites from that series, easy to remember, minimal special equipment needed. (If you have resistance bands, these can be used for the pull-up portion, and your numbers adjusted to make sure you get a thorough workout.)

Sniff · · Idaho Springs · Joined Jun 2016 · Points: 0 

builttospill · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2006 · Points: 0

Sniff, which workouts do you like from uphillathlete?  I've seen some of their samples, but don't have any of the full plans.

Leg blaster is a good suggestion.  I'll definitely be doing that one once I'm in a bit better shape.

For my part, I thought this was a pretty effective workout that meets my criteria above:

1 mile run at 70% effort*

For time, 2 sets of:
20 squats with dumbbell press
20 woodchoppers with dumbbell, each side
20 burpees

1 mile run at 70% effort

70% effort defined loosely as faster than conversational pace, but slower than AT pace.

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