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Which CiloGear 30L do you have/prefer?

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Nolan Huther · · Clarkson University · Joined Dec 2014 · Points: 567

I'm looking at a new pack and I'm interested in the CiloGear 30s. I like a lot of the features on all of them and the price difference between the Worksack, Guide Service and the 3030 aren't that big for me. 

I've read reviews for them all and I would just be interested in what perspectives some people have on these packs. 

For now my now 5 year old Gregory Alpinisto is fine but it's definitely showing its age and it's travels. My use for my new pack would be similar, lots of crag days ahead, and full-day to multi-day backcountry trips. Might be heading west soon to the Bugaboos, Pacific volcanoes and the North Cascades once I feel more comfortable / get my onsight grades higher.

jon jugenheimer · · Madison, WI · Joined Apr 2006 · Points: 2,149

I have the 30L Worksack and LOVE it.  It has been on pretty much every alpine climb I have done in the last few years. Fits and climbs great when wearing it and holds up to tons of abuse. I tried the 3030 once, and not in love. 

Zac Robinson · · Salt Lake City, UT · Joined Jul 2006 · Points: 415

I like the 30L Worksack. I will probably go for the Guide Service 30L next time around.
Make sure to try on a 3030 before you go that way.  I found that the 30L fit me better and I didn't need the extra room.

Nolan Huther · · Clarkson University · Joined Dec 2014 · Points: 567
Zac Robinson wrote:

I found that the 30L fit me better and I didn't need the extra room.

Did you find the 30 workhorse to have a tighter fit/better adjustability?

jaredj · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 165

30:30 is really tall.  The people I know who seem happiest with the 30:30 fall into two camps:

1. Really tall, as in 6'3" or over.  For someone that height it fits like the 30 would fit on someone several inches shorter

2. Hardass mofos.  The suspension is the same, and I found that I could load up the 30:30 with way more weight than was comfortable for me with its suspension.  I'm skinny, have prominent clavicles, and am generally kind of a pussy.  People that are burlier / have more upper body mass / all-around stronger than I seem to be satisfied with the 30:30.   

The 30:30 is probably overkill for a single-day carrover pack, and is really aimed at those going lightweight for at least a night or more.  That or people doing actual winter climbing with a bivy where warmer layers / bags / more substantial stove are needed.

For fair-weather summer alpine rock climbs in the Cascades where I live, the Cilogear 30L has served me well for 1 and 2-night trips with lightweight bivy gear (e.g. North Ridge of Mt Stuart with a bivy).  I think it'd be solid for the garden variety day trip and 1 or 2-night Cascades stuff.

If I were going to the Bugaboos I'd take a big dumb backpacking pack (70-80L) for the approach (assuming you're going in for a lot of days) and then something lighter / smaller with to do day climbs out of camp with (e.g. Patagonia Ascensionist 25L or smaller).  That's heavy but then you can be comfortable and recover at camp. 

If I were going to the volcanoes by the standard routes (e.g. not swinging tools over my head / doing belayed climbing), I wouldn't bother with a "climbing"-style pack and instead use something that's more comfortable and backpacking-y (preferably a pack you already own!).

Gabe B. · · Madison, WI · Joined Apr 2013 · Points: 88

I have a 30:30. It's pretty big. I dont have super-duper-ultra light gear, so I need the extra space to carry my stuff if it's an overnight route. I found that It is indeed easy to overload with crap, but I took the frame out of my well loved osprey variant and it makes carrying heavy stuff much better. If I need to climb with I'll remove it. If I had a redo, I would get the 30L. I also have the Arc' Alpha 30 backpack which fits a days worth of stuff really well, and climbs really well.

Billcoe · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2006 · Points: 655

30 30 owner here. LOVE it. One of my climbing partner's wife got him the 30L, I love that too. He's been using it as a crag pack a lot. Works great for places like Red Rocks where you have a few mile hike in and yet you also don't want to return to the base once you top out on a long route. It's so perfect for that role. You can't go wrong in my opinion. If I had to choose again, I'd just get the 30L. That's because I also have the 60L Hauly. That thing is indestructible and gets the shick kicked out of it all the time regular like on rock, hauling it up pitches and such. It's held up fantastic to a lot of abuse. The 3030 doesn't get used as much in that role for me as I have the Hauly. Cilogear makes such fine stuff. 

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