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Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

Everything is EX+ condition unless otherwise specified.

** Patagonia is having their biggest sale of the year so I've put all my gear on sale too. Even if they have it sold out in your size, I might have it for less! **

Mens Reconnaissance pants size large (navy blue) Way cooler than I expected. Checkout the specs and the built in belt - these get rave reviews! - 170

Mens StormRacer size large (black) - They call this the Houdini killer. 5.5oz, fully waterproof, and pockets. This JUST came out and is not on sale. $170


Patagonia M10 mens jacket size large (peppergrass green). Looks absolutely new but I do know it's been slightly used.  No abrasions. Cant call it perfect  it it's  pretty close $170

1.  Patagonia womens Leashless pants in large (Black) - These are the lightest goretex pants ever made by patagonia and include a drawstring waist. I am a mens medium (33/34 waist) and I have a pair in my pack at all times even though they are labeled "womens". I have two identical pairs for sale. Goretex Active is their lightest 3 layer fabric and under 10oz. PERFECT Condition - $170

2.  Patagonia Reconnaissance jacket size mens large (Legend Green). This is a hybrid hardshell / softshell with fully waterproof panels on the shoulders and hood and highly breathable stretch woven DWR softshell on the chest. Gets some pretty stellar reviews by backcountry escape artists and resort shredders alike. Plus I have the matching pants below! As a photographer I couldnt help but take more pictures of this thing than normal as its got A LOT of pockets and cool features. $180

Bottle warmer pocket inside the jacket:

3. Patagonia womens size medium stretch Nano Storm jacket (Harvest Moon Blue) - ITS A PUFFY WITH PITZIPS! This is basically their new NanoAir insulation covered with a super durable 3 layer shell. Breathes like a fleece while keeping you warm like a belay puffy. This does it all. Did I mention it has pitzips? $190

4. Patagonia Womens NORTHWALL jacket in size small (Forge Grey). This is basically a KnifeRidge outer (polartec powershield pro) with a grid fleece interior that looks quite similar to the new alpha direct. MSRP $450. These are NOT made anymore. If you wear insulation under a shell this will save you some weight. Its rare and Ive seen multiple threads on here asking Patagonia to bring this amazing piece back to production!  - $200

The M10 is Patagonias own higher performance 3L membrane.  The M10 is lighter than most windbreakers but functions as fully waterproof breathable shell for snow and rain. This piece is super popular among climbers for its low weight and also works great for backpacking, skiing, you name it. Durability is very impressive. 

5.  Womens M10 jacket size large (Harvest Moon Blue) Perfect Condition - $170

6. Patagonia M10 Jacket Womens Large (Raven) - This is the rare M10 everyone wants. It has two giant pitzips that also double as mesh lined pockets! Even the chest pocket becomes another form of ventilation.  Made only for one year, who knows why. - 180

7. Patagonia M10 Jacket womens XS (Drifter Grey)  $160

8. Patagonia Mens Cloud Ridge size small (black). Need a tought light waterproof shell? Only 13 oz and tough as nails. - $130

Most other items are varying forms of Goretex ranging from ultralight GoreTex Active to super tough Goretex PRO. These are usually Patagonias most expensive items as sourcing from Gore is never cheap. They are all double guaranteed to be both waterproof and windproof for the life of the product (by Patagonia and Gore themselves)

10. Patagonia mens Refugitive Goretex C-knit sized extra small (black with grey shoulders). This is my personal favorite shell. Light enough, tough enough, and a bit of stretch. Its the brand new material from Gore that doesnt feel like a hardshell on the inside while packing down to nothing. So new this thing still has the wrapping on the pullcords!  13oz. $180

11. Patagonia Womens Triolet Jacket size Large (Black) MSRP $400 - 3 layer heavier duty goretex. You want something ultra tough? This is it. Still weighs less than 20oz.  $160

12. Patagonia Triolet pants mens small (Black) - $150 - The only full zip shells Patagonia makes!! Thicker goretex, great for putting on quickly over skis, snowboards, crampons, etc!

13. Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs womens large (Navy Blue) ($600 MSRP!!!) These are goretex pro, drop seat zipper, light, AMAZING hardshells! . $220

14. Patagonia Untracked Pants Mens Medium (Legend Green)  Awesome snow pants from 2016 - these retail at $449. Slim fit so great for climbers too! $190


I. Patagonia Reconnaissance pants size medium (womens) in blue - Fit a slim mens medium great! $170

II.  Patagonia Mens Galvanized pants size medium (black). Super stretchy hardshells! $180

III. Patagonia Mens PowSlayer size small (black). Goretex PRO SHELL. $600 msrp. $220

IV. Patagaonia Mens Galvanized pants size large (Black) - $170

V. Patgonia womens powslayer size medium - $220

I will entertain reasonable offers on anything or MAYBE even trades for other gear but please no crazy lowballs. Some items may have worn wear stamps and are still entitled to Patagonias full and unconditional warranty. All items are EX+ condition unless otherwise described.

SOLD Patagonia Mens Levitation softshell hoodie size medium (Drifter Grey) This color is discontinued and completely soldout - $130

SOLD Patagonia Stretch NanoStorm jacket mens XS (black)  - $170 

SOLD Mens NanoPuff Bivy Pullover size medium - $120

SOLD Patagonia mens KnifeRidge pants in size large (Forge Grey) - $180

SOLD Womens Kniferidge jacket size XS (Navy Blue) - $190

SOLD Patagonia Womens Storm Racer in XS (Carve Coral) - They say this is the houdini killer. Less than 5oz and waterprood. NEW RELEASE - $170

SOLD Patagonia M10 Anorak size mens small (Campfire Orange) - $180

SOLD Patagonia Triolet pants mens medium (Black) The only full zip hardshells Patagonia makes! - $180

SOLD Fitz Roy Park Mens Medium (Forge Grey) - This appears MINT except for a small patch professionally applied by patagonia. See photos - $160

SOLD Kniferidge men's size large (Grecian Blue) - $220

SOLD Men's Kniferidge pants size medium (Grecian Blue)  - $180

SOLD Mens Kniferidge jacket size medium (Electron Blue) - $220

SOLD Patagonia Stretch NanoStorm Womens Large (French Red) - $220  

SOLD Patagonia M10 Jacket womens small (Big Sur Blue) - $200 

SOLD Patagonia Galvanized pants mens medium (Black) - $180

SOLD Womens M10 jacket size small (Harvest Moon Blue) $200.

SOLD Patagonia women's Light Flyer Jacket size large (Light Grey) - 8oz goretex shell?! $180

Adam P. · · San Jose, CA · Joined Apr 2007 · Points: 150

Discontinued?! That's too bad. I would highly recommend this jacket. I used it extensively in Chamonix, and I layered it with midweight capilene baselayer. I never had to add or subtract layers while climbing from 1 AM through the evening. There were times when I opened all of the zippers or stashed it in my pack, but I would have been warm in a speedo up there. Anyway, it's a bomber piece that functioned exceptionally well in all conditions. 

Matt Allen · · Seattle, Washington · Joined Sep 2008 · Points: 0

Are you sure this isn't the knife blade?

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

The KnifeRidge is the successor to the Knife blade pullover. Has fully taped seams, full zip, and diff pocket design. Never used the knifeblade before

John Boy · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2012 · Points: 0

Sent you a PM re. possible trade.

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

Blue M10 #19 SOLD

Women's Large NanoStorm SOLD

Grecian Blue Mens Large Kniferidge Jacket SOLD

Galvanized Pants mens medium SOLD

Light blue Mens Medium Kniferidge SOLD

Womens small blue M10 SOLD

Womens Light Flyer (Grey and Purple) SOLD

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

As requested measurements of the PowSlayer:

And at the belt loops:

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

Kniferidge size medium grecian blue SOLD

Edit: that was quick  SOLD Fitz Roy Parka (Black)

Nick Stayner · · Billings, MT · Joined Mar 2006 · Points: 2,275

PM sent on the M tTriolet pants

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

Triolet size mens medium SOLD

Mens Medium M10 (campfire orange) SOLD

Womens XS Storm Racer SOLD

Womens XS KnifeRidge SOLD

Donette S · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2016 · Points: 0

Thank you so much for your fast response and shipping. The jackets are just as you described and in perfect shape!

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

Kniferidge pants size mens large (Forge Grey) SOLD

KnifeRidge pants size mens medium (Navy Blue) SOLD

NanoPuff Bivy pullover men's medium (Grecian blhe) SOLD

Nick Stayner · · Billings, MT · Joined Mar 2006 · Points: 2,275

Pants were exactly as described (mint) and shipped/arrived super fast! Great deal!

Turner · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2011 · Points: 0

Bump for a good seller!

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

Photos added!

Em Cos · · Boulder, CO · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 0

Seller was easy to communicate with, fast shipping. However the two jackets I purchased were not exactly as described. They were described as mint condition but are actually Patagonia Worn Wear, each jacket stamped with "worn wear $80" with the sellers asking price more than double that. He has every right to try to make a profit off the sale, but should be honest about what he is selling, and nowhere in the post or emails did he mention this. 

If you're fine with the Worn wear at these prices then happy shopping, like I said jackets arrived quickly. But buyer beware, and always use paypal with fees. 

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

The jackets are still covered by Patagonias full warranty and I throughouly inspect all jackets before mailing. If they have any issues that do not qualify them as mint condition  please let me know and send photos of any damages. Many items are simply new returns , unused, that now cannot be sold as new because the tags have been removed. 

Em Cos · · Boulder, CO · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 0
Melatonin Penguin wrote:

The jackets are still covered by Patagonias full warranty and I throughouly inspect all jackets before mailing. If they have any issues that do not qualify them as mint condition  please let me know and send photos of any damages. Many items are simply new returns , unused, that now cannot be sold as new because the tags have been removed. 

1. "Mint condition" has a specific meaning, it means fresh from the factory, brand new condition. The term comes from coins, which are made in a mint. An item needs to be more than simply "without damages" to be in mint condition. The fact that they are second-hand used items IS what disqualifies them as being mint condition. 

2. Patagonia's warranty only covers the original buyer, this is also true of their worn wear. You need to have bought the item with your Patagonia account or have your receipt to take advantage of the warranty. (I confirmed this on their website today but if anyone has solid info to differ let me know.)

3. Some Worn Wear items might be, as you said, brand new returns that simply have no tags. (I have no idea why Patagonia "couldn't" retag and sell as usual but who knows.) But they accept any item in "good, fully functioning" condition. Do you have any way of knowing which, if any, of the items you're selling are the former? 

4. You went into great detail in your descriptions of all of the above items, and yet never mentioned that these are (I'm guessing most if not all) Worn Wear items. Why leave that out when you included so many other details? Was it, perhaps, because you were worried people might be willing to pay less? If you think they're worth just as much either way, why not disclose it? If not, then you basically purposely left out info that you knew would lower the value. If that's what you did, that's pretty shady. 

Hoping this is a mistake that you'll take steps to correct and not an intentional scam. Thanks for your time and I'm confident we'll work this out amicably!

Robert Daniel. · · Denver, Colorado · Joined Apr 2013 · Points: 10

Hey man. Do I know you? 

Love - Patagonia Denver morning staff

AndrewArroz · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2016 · Points: 0

Em Cos, thanks for bringing that to the surface. 

To your warranty question, I've taken Patagonia items in to the store that I'd been gifted and still got warranty treatment even though I had no receipt. But they weren't stamped Worn Wear, so I don't know about that. 

Melatonin Penguin · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

From my conversations with Patagonia  all worn wear items include the full warranty. I have warrantied many gifted items and second hand. 

I've included a statement about some items being worn wear. Please check the middle of the thread.

As far as I know the only thing the worn wear stamp affects is returns - meaning you will not be able to buy an item in a sale size (such as XL) and then return it for the full $450 credit or exchange it later for a regularly sized items. This seems to be the point of the stamp in the first place. Items must be directly returned to worn wear.

My intention in describing them as Mint had no reference to coins. All items were obviously unworn and in perfect condition. I consider this mint or like new without tags. Again I welcome you to take any photos of the items defects and please forward them to me. Please do not intentionally damage any items - you seem to be a good person but I have had this happen before to me on eBay once buyers remorse kicks in and item goes on sale. 

You definitely do not need a receipt to have a Patagonias item services repaired or replaced. I have confirmed this several times. That statement is simply false. How would one service an item then received as a gift for example?

Also if you are going to threaten PayPal disputes publicly for an item "not as described" the only possible outcome are 1. They have you return items to me in unused condition and I refund your payment or 2. They decide to reject your claim .

You already negotiated a lower price on both items via email. Again this price is well below what these items sell for new and even at %50 off which is their highest sale currently running.  If you intended to buy XS Items to return them to Patagonia for a brand new, differently sized item, this will not work. I am a reputable seller as evidenced by multitude of good feedback above and I will not be strongarmed into giving you a further discount from our original negotiations over email. If you are truly unsatisfied with the condition or fit if your items please send me photos of any damages. 

I do not normally take returns but if you would like to return both items to me (in original condition please ) then I will refund you the lowered negotiated price you sent me over PayPal. This seems like it would be easiest way to end this dispute without drawing out further conflict

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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