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Shuksan Price GPS?

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NatejWeber · · Vancouver, WA · Joined Oct 2016 · Points: 0

Hi PacNW Climbers,

anyone have a gpx file for a climb on Shuksan via the Price Glacier? I have searched everywhere but no luck.



Jace Stewart · · Palo Alto, CA · Joined Mar 2017 · Points: 0


I found this,

This is from 2016 and may not be much help.

"Here are the logistical details. The first three miles of the route follow the Nooksack Cirque trail; see the separate trail description for that. Between 3 and 3.5 miles along the trail, you need to turn off the trail and head toward the river. That's what the GPS coordinates for the "trailhead" are. There is a faint trail right about the 3 mile mark, just before you get to some orange tape tied to a tree branch (if it's still there when you go). It will bring you steeply down to the riverbank, but not at a good place to cross unless the water level is very low. For that, you need to head upstream about 100 yards to a log that spans the river. It's up to you how you get to the log; I tried multiple routes between going there and coming back, and every route I tried involved battling Devils Club (and I have the scrapes to prove it). Once you get to the log, you'll have to decide whether you want to walk across or straddle it and shimmy. I went with the straddling option - I'm okay with being a chicken if it keeps me in one piece." 

And then this    This has the GPS for the Artist Ridge Trail

Artist Ridge Parking: 48.84643N / -121.69305W (48° 50′ 47.1474″ / -121° 41′ 34.9794″) (5,028ft.; 1,532 m)

Trail beginning: 48.84631N / -121.69494W (48° 50′ 46.716″ / -121° 41′ 41.784″) (5,057ft.; 1,541 m)

Shuksan View: 48.84226N / -121.68549W (48° 50′ 32.136″ / -121° 41′ 7.764″) (5,178ft.; 1,578 m)

Baker View: 48.84255N / -121.68708W (48° 50′ 33.18″ / -121° 41′ 13.4874″) (5,235ft.; 1,595 m)

Valley View: 48.84124N / -121.68643W (48° 50′ 28.4634″ / -121° 41′ 11.148″) (5,164ft.; 1,573 m)

Hope this helps. 


NatejWeber · · Vancouver, WA · Joined Oct 2016 · Points: 0


THANK YOU! This is so great. I love your profile pic. Lee Vining?

if you make your way up here ever, Ice is my true passion in life, happy to pay you back with a belay.



Doug Hutchinson · · Seattle, WA · Joined Apr 2014 · Points: 95

This is a track from a few weeks ago we took back from a camp used for Nooksack Tower to the trailhead (which is probably the same camp you will use for the Price):

We nailed a decent climber's trail on the way out except the part around the log crossing we tried to straighten out (relative to the way we came in) but made worse. This next approach track is better for the 1/4 mile on either side of the log crossing (but less good than the deproach track above for the upper half of the approach):

Here is my track from the camp up Nooksack Tower:

You will start on the same track but then veer off right for the Price after crossing the first few crevasses below Nooksack. I don't think an old track will be much use once inside the mess that is the Price Glacier- more uselessly useful is the beta McLane wrote on the Price pic in Alpine Select = "Good luck!"

Jace Stewart · · Palo Alto, CA · Joined Mar 2017 · Points: 0

Hey Nate,

Hope it helped but Doug has a better and newer one. 

The photo was taken in (at?)  Interlaken, NY, actually. 

That would be really great. And if you are out this way let me know. 

Thank you.


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