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Nick on the line (rope issue)

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Daniel Vega · · Gardena, CA · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 0

I was wondering what a experienced climber does in this situation ?

bought from exxpozed 

 first rope 

petzl contact 9.8

Daniel Vega · · Gardena, CA · Joined Jun 2017 · Points: 0

nail clipper, then roll with palm 

anybody tried it?

recommendations of something better?

USBRIT Ross · · Keswick Cumbria.UK · Joined Apr 2001 · Points: 21,388

Send it to me .I'll look after it.

Gunkiemike · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2009 · Points: 2,785

Not an issue.  You'll have more like that in a couple months.

Bill Czajkowski · · Albuquerque, NM · Joined Oct 2008 · Points: 30

Goes climbing.

Kirtis Courkamp · · Golden · Joined Mar 2011 · Points: 384

nail clippers or scissors in my experience will work if you don't like the look of the nick. That said there are no benefits to trimming the fuzz or nick off. Your rope is fine mine look a lot worse and still catch my falls. 

Ryan Hamilton · · Orem · Joined Aug 2011 · Points: 20

Yep, very common. I don't think you need to do a thing about it. You will have many more very soon if you climb very frequently. Note, some ropes snag easier than others. Petzl is one of those brands. But really, you should not worry about this at all. 

Marc801 C · · Sandy, Utah · Joined Feb 2014 · Points: 65
Daniel Vega wrote:

I was wondering what a experienced climber does in this situation ?

Absolutely nothing.

eli poss · · Durango, Co · Joined May 2014 · Points: 456

I worry that a nick like this could snag on something and cause it to pull more of that strand out. I don't know if this would further weaken the strength of the rope by any noticeable amount but I'd rather be safe than sorry since I don't know. 

I like to take a lighter and slowly move the flame closer to the rope (starting far away from the rope) until the little thread starts to singe and then the protrusion is gone. Keep it mind, the lighter will singe the nick from further away than you would think and you want to keep the flames as far away as you can to avoid damaging the rope.

Greg R · · Durango CO · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 0

If the flame from a lighter is melting the threads of the damaged area, it's hard to imagine it's not doing something to the rest of the rope which is only 1 or 2 millimeters away. A flame is not exactly a precision instrument. Just climb with it knowing this happens often without consequence, this what the sheath is designed to do, protecting the core of the rope.  

Firestone · · California · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 449

Melting also would leave a hard end which can catch on your belay device. Better to trim it close and roll with your palm like Daniel Vega said up thread.

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