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Sterling SafetyPro Alternative

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Sam Feuerborn · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2009 · Points: 810

Anyone have any experience with a 10.5 ish rope that has some elongation like the SafetyPro from sterling? I'm looking for replacement ropes for my challenge course and Sterling customer service has not been helpful.


Mark Berenblum · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Sep 2015 · Points: 105

Sam -

I recently compiled the below spreadsheet when I was looking to buy a similar semi-static rope. Note that the list is limited to static or semi-static ropes and is sorted based on elongation, so any of the ones towards the top of the list could probably work for your purposes. Other than the elongation column, you may be interested in the "Sheath Percentage" column (roughly correlates with durability, assuming same weight). The Price and Price per Foot columns are based on my pro-form deal, so not sure those will be too helpful for you. I also compiled this quickly, so can't guarantee that all the data is exactly comparable (e.g. I haven't 100% confirmed that all elongations are based on a 50 kg mass)...

MP77 Phaneuf · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2014 · Points: 5

Been using 10.5 Bluewater gym line in a ropes course setting for years now and been quite happy with it. It's specifically made for top roping application.

kevin deweese · · Oakland, Ca · Joined Jan 2007 · Points: 350

Is your course static of dynamic? I ran a course that was dynamic and ran the belay through a moving redirect on a wire attached between various trees. We used regular beefy static line.  For this setup, there's no value to elongation as the flexing of the wire between the trees offers all the elasticity you need to keep your clients from feeling a "hard" catch. 

MP77 Phaneuf · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Dec 2014 · Points: 5

We run the high course dynamically but have a pole course that is still forgiving, but not quite as much as trees. We use this rope on the high course and climbing towers. The elongation with the semi static doesn't give anywhere near as much as a pure dynamic and we've never had an issue with someone going below the element due to rope stretch in a fall. 

That being said, if looking for a bit less elongation, bluewater safeline, kmIII, or PMI e-z bend (7/16, 11mm) are all fairly common ropes course ropes. 

kevin deweese · · Oakland, Ca · Joined Jan 2007 · Points: 350

Bluewater was my institution's go to line 

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