Enchanted Tower and the Tick Monster

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Everyone forgets to brush a tick or two or maybe a route, most likely out of laziness, but it was a significant number of routes with an absurd amount of ticks that took a group of us quite a bit of time to clean up. Thus the tick monster. You are close but, I would say I have devoted about 1% of my energy to this post and about zero of my energy to being pissed off. However, I did devote a lot of my energy in cleaning up the tower. Brushing off excessively chalked holds, all those ticks, scouring the campground and hillside for trash, and fixing some of the retaining walls. 

Nobody here has come close to irritating me with their responses nor did the tick monster piss me off. If the tone that is being applied to my posts sounds negative and angry please adjust it to a more chipper one. No scowling faces over here! Oh and the only conspiracy I believe in is the Chupacabra draining the blood from Mexico's president and the government replacing him with a clone.

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Yeah, and the X-men were at Diablo. Never saw so many needlessly x-ed blocks.

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Ticks suck the blood out of you. Good on you for cleaning them up. As far as pissed off I am not pissed off at all, noobs have to learn, New Mexicans talk shit about us we send it back all in good fun. Face to face I have always enjoyed the company of NM climbers. Points about ticks and poop made the rest is just good natured jabs. If we are not giving you shit we really don't like you!

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Poop!  No generalizations intended...you guys have more people, so bigger groups and more bandicoots...and I also miss the pit stop. Eric R. is the shizzle btw. 

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It's not even your local mate. Don't worry about it. 

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@Bill Czajkowski  -- Tick marks at Diablo are the least of your worries, that place is a giant choss pile. A tanker truck full of Sika® (Building Trust) would not even help that place.  On a well traveled 5.10 that I climbed recently, a key cinderblock sized hold that was flexing when used.  It's the only sport climbing area in NM I wear helmet at.

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