Video of guy falling 200' and breaking a leg?

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I recall awhile back someone came on the forum and posted a video of him falling a significant distance as a second on a multipitch climb and sustaining serious injury. He had a GoPro mounted to his helmet and that''s where the footage came from. I think the end result was that the belayer threaded the GriGri backwards or something like that, and the OP met this dude on MP and they were climbing together for the first time. If I recall right, the belayer dident even stick around to say sorry or visit the OP, he ran off never to be heard from again. Anyone know what video I am talking about? I wanted to show a friend but I cant find it.

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Do you remember the rock type or possible areas? Could help me narrow down some videos. 

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I dont remember the area, but I think the rock was granite or limestone if I recall right. However, you'd know the video if you saw it as it showed the second falling the entire rope length from his prospective with a GoPro helmet cam. After the fall he was screaming in pain from the leg injury. 

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I searched a bit but also couldn't find.  But I recall it well.

Yes - a seconding fall that went way too far.  It was not in the United States - Australia?

And there was more than one thread.  A follow-on was asking for help with medical bills.  Significant loss of ankle mobility.  And he was facing possible amputation.

The last I saw, the actual cause was uncertain - belayer never owned up I believe. But the most likely scenario seemed to be a climber positioned above the anchor and losing control of the brake hand ... maybe jerked out of hand by the fall and slack in the attachment of the device to the anchor.  That's more speculation than anything else.

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It was in our bqck yard - Blue Mountains, Australia. Link to the video on this thread:

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Yep, here it is. Man, what a completely preventable and ridiculous accident. Ultimately, everyone accepts the risk when they go out, but the belayer's conduct was utterly negligent beyond belief. It sounds like the belayer dident even say sorry or check in to see how the climber was doing in the hospital, he just ran off at the first possible second. What a total POS. There are many cowards in disguise out there. They talk a big game and pretend to be men, but when things get real suddenly we find out what’s what.

Hopefully the guy came out on top of this stuff? I seem to recall they met up from a connection on Anyone know the user name of the boy who ran off and abandoned his partner?

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20 kN wrote:

I seem to recall they met up from a connection on Anyone know the user name of the boy who ran off and abandoned his partner?

From the video notes "35m in katoomba Sweet Dreams in luara If your climbing with a bloke calles Sean red hair about 50 years old DONT"

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