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La sportiva TX2

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that guy named seb · · Britland · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 205

My current shoes have holes in them so big i can wear them as flip flops so i am thinking about some new shoes the TX2 looks nice though i'm concerned about durability and their ability to climb cracks can anybody convince me that these concerns are un-founded?

My criteria descending in order of importance

1.  Doesn't have a huge heel toe drop

2. Can face climb well

3. Can crack climb

4. Is durable and Breathable

5. Lightweight

6. A good lacing system

7. Any "features"

So if anybody has any other suggestions please do reccomend, the i'm say no to two straight out of the gate.

No Five ten shoe (the fine rubber soul is fucking trash and delaminates)

No evolv cruzers

pls help

Zach Barber · · San Diego, CA · Joined Dec 2015 · Points: 0

Hey man,

I've had a pair of tx2's for a few months now and would highly recommend them if you're looking for a super lightweight shoe, if not go for the tx3. here's a few pros n cons for tx2's...

Pros: lightweight, super breathable, comfortable (even on hour long approaches), pack together with heelstrap (great for multipitch), Sensitivity on the rock for face climbing, 

Cons: upper material might be delicate for crack climbing, 

Big B · · Sin City, NV · Joined Mar 2015 · Points: 0

I've only had mine for a few weeks....durability is still a concern, but so far so good(red rock approaches in the canyons). I think they climb better than the guides(I've had 2 pairs) and the evolv cruz(they suck....wanna buy my used ones?)  true crack/footjams are most likely going to trash them though because the upper is mesh

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