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Ian Ritterbush · · Lincoln, Ne · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 0

Hello, so I'm currently in Greece, where I've learned how to climb outdoors as well as learned the techniques in Canyoning. I am for certain that becoming a mountain guide is the right career for me and becoming Alpine certified through AMGA seems the way to go. Unfortunately, I lack the skills and experience to pursue AMGA at this time. My next step, when I return home, is gaining as much experience in the mountains as possible, hiking, climbing rock and ice, and everything in between. I live in Nebraska, which is a terrible place to be for mountains lovers like myself. Currently, I'm starting to acquire the gear necessary. As far as my experience, I've been climbing indoor for a few months now, have climbed Mt Lincoln and Mt Elbert in Colorado and have a trip planned for the Sierras in August. I'm going to be working from a computer when I get back so I will definitely be spending as much time in Colorado as I can racking in experience. If anyone has advice for me or would love To go on a climbing/hiking excursion let me know, I would be happy to learn anything I can. Thanks in advance!

Derrick Keene · · Kentucky · Joined Apr 2017 · Points: 95

It sounds like you are already on the right track. Gain as much experience as possible from experienced climbers. Maybe talk to some guides or hire one. Have fun and be safe!

King Tut · · Citrus Heights · Joined Aug 2012 · Points: 430

There is no substitute for living in the mountains and climbing daily for a summer (the dirtbag life).

One summer is a lifetime of weekend-warrioring.

I don't know CO well, but Wyoming has plenty of summer places for dirtbagging as long as the money holds out or winter comes (ie Lander).

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