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Anyone tried Pernionin (Benzl Nicotinate) for finger tendon pain?

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For several months, I was getting pain in the first joint of my finger (below the tips) on the sides. It occured in my middle 3 fingers (not all at once) when doing a lot of criming or slopers. Orthopedist said no tears or anything like that and wasn't sure how to go forward since the pain also wasn't regular and went away immediately when I stopped gripping. He gave me an arthritis medicine to try called Pernionin (here in DE) which is a green liquid for people to soak their hands in to improve bloodflow. Was pretty skeptical but so far it's worked. I do it for 10 minutes before I go climbing. 

Wondering if anyone else has been prescribed this or has any additional info? My doc doesnt know anything about climbing or so, just how I explained the grip types and what climbing entailed. So not sure if there's other stuff he could've tried or is doing something other sdon't think of.

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According to my sources on the web, Pernion is methyl salicylate.  Here in the US, it's known as:


GENERIC NAME(S): Methyl Salicylate-Menthol

I'm not sure that BenGay qualifies as much in terms of pharmacological effect.  But if it makes you feel good, OK.

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