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Easy, inexpensive, free-standing handboard setup

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So I had been looking for a while for an easy, and somewhat inexpensive way to make a free standing hangboard setup. I rent, so I didn't to drill holes to hang it above a door frame. I looked around the internet for a while, and couldn't find anything. Eventually the idea popped into my head to use sawhorse brackets. I looked around and found these on Amazon. Note - This is for 4 brackets, which is enough to make 2 of these setups. So you could split the cost with a friend to make it cheaper. I then headed to Home Depot and picked up 4, 2x4x92 5/8 (length is totally up to you for the legs, and then a 5th 2x4 to use as the cross beams. I then had them cut this in half. I later realized, i should have had one of the boards be 2" longer as there is as the brackets angle slightly out. I then found apiece of 3/4"x24" 48" plywood, which I had them cut to 13" x 36". The brackets from Amazon come with all you need to put the sawhorse together, so you'll only need to buy some wood screws to attach the plywood to the 2x4 crossbeams. Also, it also comes with these plastic feet that account for all the angles to make it sit totally flush on the ground, and to also provide protection. Here is the semi-finished product. I still need to attach my hang board and pulleys. Aside from the hangboard, the project cost around $55. You could get that down to $43 if you found someone to split the cost of the brackets with you. Additionally, you could add another piece of plywood to the other side for a second handboard.

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Do you have any final photos of the setup?

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This was my solution. I also rent and didn’t wanna make holes. I work in a metal shop and used all scrap material and welded it and made the bends myself. Anywhere that is touching wood is padded with rubber. Cost of materials is maybe $15.
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Pull up bar: $15, stair tread: $11, pipe fittings and flanges to mount: $7. Now I chose to spend some more money on holds and I’m replacing the rock rings with campus boards as soon as they arrive, but if you have a hangboard already this set up will cost $35.On the bottom I used one of those tension pull up bars that unscrews to tension on the inside of the door jam ($11), U bolts ($5). And then yes, still bought some feet, but I wasn’t trying to do it on the cheap.

And wifey doing some inaugural laybacks using the trim. I believe her beta was to throw a heal hook on the carbon monoxide detector next.
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