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FiFi Haul Bag Release / Retrieval

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Paul Silvis · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Aug 2013 · Points: 5

I'm looking to make my second trip up the Nose and avoid the mistake of hauling through from pitch 18 to 19 (supertopo). I'd like to leave the pig at the top of 17 and haul to the intermediate on pitch 18. I see that this can be done with a Petzl Fifi Hook & the Maillon Rapide.

I don't have that exact setup & won't have time to order it. Is it possible to (safely) retrieve a haul bag with a normal fifi hook? 

How do most people do this pitch? Does the second jug up to the intermediate and then you both skip the "standard" end of P18?

Cameron Saul · · San Francisco · Joined Sep 2015 · Points: 10

I don't have the supertopo in front of me, but I used the Petzl Fifi Hook trick last time.  It worked well enough, although we had to yank on it a bunch of times to get the hook to release.  We left the bag at the top of the last vertical pitch before you start traversing in the grey bands, and then pitched out lead/follow the next two pitches, and hauled from the start of the great roof pitch.  I had hoped to be able to string those pitches together, but the rope drag would be horrendous.  

FWIW, I haven't tried the regular fifi hook, but I would definitely try your setup at a gym or something.  The ideal hook was not that easy to release, so I'd be a little concerned about a less than ideal setup.  That said, I could imagine a way to make it work (cord on top hole of fifi prussiked into haul line, maybe).  

I guess worst case you rap down to release it and jug back up.  Probably still faster than hauling both pitches separately.

kevin deweese · · Oakland, Ca · Joined Jan 2007 · Points: 350

The regular (Bdel) FIFA release will work as well as long as you're not leaving the bag beneath a roof. (See Mark Hudon's Atlantic Ocean wall TR (or maybe the native son tr) for an explanation of this). You'll need to tie a small perlon cord through the hole at the top of the fifi to attach the biner to.

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