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Berghaus Hyper 100

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Brian Abram · · Celo, NC · Joined Oct 2007 · Points: 498

I have had this jacket for a little over a month now, so I thought I'd share some thoughts with you.

The Berghaus Hyper 100 is billed as the first 3 layer, sub 100g shell. What that is advertised as meaning is that it is more durable and breathable than similar 2 layer jackets. My experience has held up that view to a point.

Previously I carried an Arc'teryx Squamish wind jacket and a Marmot Essence shell. The Essence is a great piece: $200 retail, stretchy, air permeable, 7 oz, and it has pit vents that are always open, encouraging airflow. The Hyper 100 has replaced both of these.

Features: one small zippered pocket inside. That's about it. No hood adjustment, no hem adjustment, no hand pockets, no cuff adjustment.

Breathability: The Hyper 100 is breathable. Most shells are "breathable" in the sense that once it reaches 100% relative humidity inside the jacket, they start transferring moisture vapor out of the membrane. The need to reach 100% humidity leads to the clammy feeling lots of folks experience with cheap shells. Fabrics like Neoshell, eVent DVL, and the fabric of the Marmot Essence are air permeable, thus allowing air exchange before the inside of the jacket becomes a sauna. See here:

In side by side breath tests, I can blow (with difficulty) approximately the same rate of air through the Essence and the Hyper 100. I have gone on 55 degree trail runs, and though it's certainly not as nice as a wind shell, it's reasonable.

Stretch: The Hyper 100 stretches. This is great for a piece that might be used when climbing.

Weight: The hyper 100 in a medium is advertised at 3.4 ounces. The only other 3 layer shell approaching that weight I know of is the NWAlpine Eyebright that is $600. However, I found that this is the one jacket I have ever tried on that necessitated going with a size large. That takes the weight up just a bit. I have a conspiracy theory that they sized it small to hit their 100g target for a medium, as I believe the size large goes just over 100g. That brings me to...

Fit: The jacket is snug. More snug than any other shell I've worn. The size medium fit like a small, and I had to size up to a large. I am 5'11" and 174 pounds. I wear a size medium jacket in every other brand I have ever tried.

Durability: the jacket is 3 layer, and Berghaus says it will be more than three times as durable as their prior light jacket, the Hyper Smock. I admit that the fabric does concern me. It will not be as durable as something like an Arc'teryx Alpha. But so far, I have had no problems. And this jacket weighs 1/3 what an Alpha weighs. Something like an Alpha is heavy enough that I will not pack it if the weather is likely going to be nice. I now feel I can pack this waterproof jacket just in case.

Price: I believe the jacket will retail for $300-325 in the US. I got mine for $241 total shipped from Europe. This is at the mid range for a shell.

Concerns: Durability, as already mentioned. Few features. The hood must go under a helmet, though that is what I prefer anyway for the typically less binding feeling it gives. The zipper is a standard coil zipper: not waterproof---there is a flap behind the zipper that provides a barrier to rain.

At sub-4 ounces, the Hyper 100 is a piece that I will never leave at home. Even if just to have a wind layer that can do more if necessary. Whether going for a 3 hour trail run or climbing on a marginal day with a 30 or 40% chance of rain, it'll be with me.

Here are some videos others have made:

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