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Beginner climber shoe recommendations?

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Hannie Maie · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2017 · Points: 0

I've been bouldering for a month and a half and looking to buy my first pair of climbing shoes. Any recommendations?

**I'll be using it mostly for indoor bouldering

BrianWS · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 790

Whatever fits your foot best, and at the lowest price. Decent shoes can easily be found for under $80, especially if you shop online - just be sure you try on a pair before ordering.

If you boulder regularly, you'll probably blow through shoes quickly until you develop good footwork. Don't waste your cash -- go comfy and cheap.

bkozak · · Sterling, VA · Joined Jul 2016 · Points: 70

Didn't you already post about this twice so far?

Lots of people have been giving you good advice but you haven't responded once to either of the threads you posted, so why not just reply back on the same threads instead of starting new ones?  That seems like a better idea since you had more info about your price range and store availability for where you live on the others than on this one.  Plus, a bunch of people gave you good suggestions for shoes already, but you haven't responded back as to what specifically you are looking for.  

Michael Sullivan · · Seattle, WA · Joined Aug 2011 · Points: 730

Hey there, I can do my best to give some recommendations. That being said, it is extremely difficult to point you towards a shoe without knowing what your foot looks like, and what your climbing ability and style are like. If you're in the V0 to V3 range on slabbed, vertical or <15 deg overhanging terrain, a shoe that is stiff and relatively flat-lasted should work well for you. Try out the Tarantula, Finale, or Mythos from La Sportiva. The Force X or Vapor Velcro/Laces from Scarpa. And the Coyote, Rogue, and Anasazi from FiveTen. The Evolv Defy also comes to mind. Try as many of these as you have the time and patience to before you choose. Go for what feels like the best compromise between toe power and comfort. 

If you've already skyrocketed to V4 and harder problems, my recommendations would be different but this is a start at least. Hope that helps (^_^)=b     

Kathie R · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2011 · Points: 260

The la sportive katanas are on sale on Sierra Trading Post.  I personally prefer the older model (blue women's) or the lace men's (yellow) versions but these are comparable in  performance and quite the deal for the price.

A shoe I'd recommend also for both beginner and intermediate climbers are the 5.10 Annasazis.  Ive owned them in its several iterations- slippers, laces, men's and women's-- and I always seem to go back to it whenever I'm projecting a route (outdoors).  They are somewhat pricey but a neutral last that surprisingly works well as an all around shoe-- even bouldering!  If your footwork in't good though, I'd suggest getting a cheaper shoe because you're likely to burn through it quickly & may end up buying sooner. Mad rocks are always on sale, or a beginner scarpa or this la sportive Nago on sale for $60 could be the one!

King Tut · · Citrus Heights · Joined Aug 2012 · Points: 430

The only real answer to this is "the one that fits the best" and probably not  a traditional shoe ie a gym slipper.

But finding the ideal fit for you is simply going to take some trial and error as they all stretch and come on different "lasts" so start with the ~$100 starter shoes (not too much downturn) and try on as many as possible to see which one matches your comfort/pain setting but performs for you.

Tyler Metheney · · St Louis · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 2

Mad Rock flash

Your welcome

Eric L · · Roseville, CA · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 115

The advice above is spot on - whatever is comfortable and encourages you to climb, just make sure it fits very snugly (especially for bouldering)!   I liked by Tarantulace shoes as a beginner, but they stretch a lot so you have to size down if you want to use them longer term.  Whatever you buy, try it on and NEVER pay retail.  There will always be a 20% off sale coming within a month or so from somewhere.

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