Best (cheapest) hotels near Red Rock Conservation Area

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Keep in mind that not only do you have the base fee, you have the BS "resort fee" scam which can easily add $30 - 50 per night, AND you have to pay taxes on the resort fee which is not included in the fee. Further, if that's not enough, numerous hotels in Vegas now charge for parking (which is new as of 2016 - 2017) which ranges from $15 - 40 a night, and it's not always consistent. One night may be $15, the next 40. So basically that "$40 a night" hotel is more like $40 + $30 resort fee + $12 taxes + $25 parking...

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Not to mention people quote the Tuesday night rate (its only $20!) when most people will travel over the weekend and pay much higher rates.  Airbnb in summerlin is a better deal - prices are no worse when you include fees and many are 10m from the park.  

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If you bundle it with a rental car somewhere like priceline, you can get a pretty good deal. Don't forget about the resort fee!

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