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skye-emerson · Apr 5, 2017 · Terrebonne, OR · Joined 19 days ago · Points: 0

Hi all, just moved back from New England where life took me away from climbing for quite some time. Just getting back into it, so no idea where I'm at grade wise. I live right around the corner from the park and work up at Redpoint Climber Supply (beer and coffee go well with gear, :-).

Would love to get back out there. Have a rack but still need to pick up a rope. Let me know if you're interested, would love to meet some new folks, been almost a decade since I was here.

Before I stopped about 5 years ago I was bouldering V7 and leading 5.11+ --- thinking that's way off course these days but something I'd like to work back towards if there's a group that is training towards goals of their own.

Look forward to meeting you!



Post "Misery Ridge" the other day.

Josh P · 7 days ago · Unknown Hometown · Joined 11 days ago · Points: 0

Hi Skye,

I am awaiting a stretch of good weather so I can bum it for a week or two at Smith this spring.  Week-day climbing is ideal for me, but could do weekends as welll. I just lead my first 11c this past weekend (but have been leading mostly 10a through 11b), and climb sport only. Hit me up if you'd like [(513)291-0868], and I'll give you a heads up when I'm headed that way and we could coordinate and climb as your schedule permits. Looking forward to meeting you!


Mason Porgy · 5 days ago · Unknown Hometown · Joined 6 days ago · Points: 0

Hey there!

I met you at the redpoint a few weeks ago, I'm the dude who split the espresso with you that neither of us can have.. While the check out computers were throwing you shade. Haha.

I was thinking of heading down tomorrow, do you have Thur Fri off?

Either way, would love to work towards long term goals with you when possible!

Have a rack and two 70m ropes.

Let me know!

Shawn Kummer · 4 days ago · Unknown Hometown · Joined 4 days ago · Points: 0

I am headed to Smith today (4/20) and looking for a climbing partner for a couple of days. Experienced climber, just haven't been out in awhile, so probably  leading up to 5.9 or so sport. Would be up for some trad as well. Should be rolling in by 1 pm, would love to meet up and climb. Call or text 503-804-2204. Shawn

Billy Challenger · 4 days ago · Unknown Hometown · Joined Mar 2017 · Points: 0

Hey all! I'm headed to smith rock this weekend, hoping to climb both saturday and sunday. Please let me know if anyone will be around.

Shawn Kummer · 4 days ago · Unknown Hometown · Joined 4 days ago · Points: 0

I'm at Smith tomorrow the 21st. Available to climb. Have to head back to Portland at end of the day.

Politically Correct Ball · 3 days ago · From WA to AZ · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 0

Anyone keen to do some trad? PM or call me.

I'm heading that way soon and could climb at Smith while waiting for it to dry out on the west side. 


Politically Correct Ball · 3 days ago · From WA to AZ · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 0

Driving there tomorrow; will arrive late at night. Climb Sunday?

skye-emerson · 1 day ago · Terrebonne, OR · Joined 19 days ago · Points: 0

Hi All! (Mason, hahaha, forgot about that, do way too many espresso shots).

I apologize I have responded earlier, just got my first notification that someone had responded today. I'm game almost any day, either before or after work and the weekends I'm always off. Feel free to hit me at 781.576.0241 

Theres parking up here at my folks place and a short walk down a dirt road so we don't have to worry about issues when he park gets jammed.

Politicallt Correct - heading down to the park in about 2 hours and then meeting up with a great group this afternoon, would love to have you along. I'll send you a text.

Best wishes all, looking forward to meeting everyone! (And feel free to stop by the climbing shop in town - Redpoint - I work there and we can always make plans over coffee or a beer when you're in the area)


Politically Correct Ball · 11 hours ago · From WA to AZ · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 0

Got held up with a huge epic involving a seized air compressor in the middle of nowhere (had to pay someone $100 just to pick up the part, lol). 

Not it looks like rain rain rain. God doesn't want me to climb.

I'm going to the lava tubes in N. CA and see if I can find something dry

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