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Long time no climb. It's all for sale.

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Original Post
Josh Kowaleski · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 5

Hi,all! Below is my climbing rack and I'd like to sell it off. Long story short, I just don't climb anymore. I picked this stuff up at the peak of my interest in climbing. I had been into sport climbing for a while and wanted to branch out into trad. I began to piece this rack togehter in my senior year of college and used a small portion of it very lightly. After college I moved away from my core group of climbing buddies and began to climb and climb less due to not finding a new group to climb with. I started picking up mountain biking because I could do it solo and now that has my heart. It sucks to see this stuff just sitting in a bin not being used. I know there is someone else out there who would use it. I would prefer to bundle the whole thing all at once and get it all out the door, but I will work with buyers who would prefer to part it out. The pack is brand new and has never been loaded up. I picked it up last season and I keep defaulting to my old Mammut instead. It's simply not being used. Now, onto the gear. I haven't been plugged into the climbing scene in a long time and am out of the loop, so, please, make offers and I will entertain them. I am just simply wanting someone else to use this stuff.

None of this gear has seen a whipper (minus the draws) and it was mostly used for T/R anchors. A lot of the stoppers are brand new. Most of this was bought around 2012 with the exception of the pack.

Orange link cam only placed a few times.- $50.00 - SOLD
Red link cam only placed a few times.- SOLD

1 #3 BD stopper.- $3.00 - SOLD
1 #4 BD stopper.-$3.00 - SOLD
1 #5 BD stopper.- $5.00 - SOLD
2 #6 BD stoppers.-$10.00/pr -SOLD
1 #7 BD stopper- $5.00 - SOLD
2 #8 BD stoppers-$10.00/pr- SOLD
3 #9 BD stoppers- $15.00/3 - SOLD
3 #10 BD stoppers- $15.00/3 - SOLD
1 #11 BD stopper - $5.00 - SOLD
2 #12 BD stoppers - $10.00/pr - SOLD
1 #13 BD stopper - $5.00 -SOLD

QUICK DRAWS- $5.00/piece SOLD

1 blue tri-cam- $10.00 - SOLD
1 #6 hex - $5.00 - SOLD

9 big locking carabiniers. Omega Pacific, BD, Etc. A few are brand new. - $5.00/piece - 3 of the bigger lockers are left, the plain ones. ALL ARE SOLD

3 wire gate BD carabiniers - $3.00/piece SOLD

1 mamut belay piece - used 2 times indoors.- $5.00 SOLD

1 mamut harness - used twice indoors - $15.00 - SOLD

1 BD figure eight - never used $5.00

1 metolious Daisy chain. Only used for carrying the rack - $5.00 - SOLD

1 BD helmet still in great shape.- $10.00 - SOLD

1 granite gear nimbus trace maple core backpack - brand new - $100.00 PENDING

The total cost of the bundle at these prices is $395 IF YOU BUY THE WHOLE BUNDLE I WILL SELL IT FOR $350.00

I feel that prices are fair, but, like I had said, I haven't been plugged into climbing for a while. Please feel free to negotiate. If you need more pics, please let me know!


Thank you for your time!

Climbing Rack
David Ganahl · · Corona · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 0

Pm'ed on helmet, daisy chain, quickdraws and a few more. Thanks!

Harrison Laird · · Davis, CA · Joined Jun 2015 · Points: 273

Pm'd on the #8 and #9 stoppers.

Josh Kowaleski · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 5

UPDATE: ALL STOPPERS, the HEX, and the Tri Cam are gone as well as the Harness, the helmet, the daisy chain, and 3 of the big lockers, and the two little lockers. Sale is pending on the orange link cam.

Mounir Fizari · · San Diego, CA · Joined Jan 2017 · Points: 130


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