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Does this mean you moved out of your van Helenor?

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Old lady H wrote:Well, okay, not quite, but man, it sure could! I work at Boise Public Library, and we have just added virtual reality for folks to come in and try out at all our locations (complementing 3d printers, robots, and coding kits we've had for awhile). So, last week it went live for the public, and we were all messing around with it ahead of time. Just to be clear, this isn't the cardboard thing, it's the full headset and controllers, in a green room, and a very pricey gaming computer to run it. And. It was a blast! One of the programs lets you take an elevator to the top floor, and when the door opens, you are confronted with a plank, into the outside. Walking the plank, my feet were in full climber mode, walking very carefully, (even I laughed), and the knees buckled slightly when I hit the ground, after flying into a building. I won't detail all of it, but it was both fun, and disconcerting. The sense of movement lasted even after the headset was off, and I was only in it for a short while. It was pretty interesting to see how hardwired we are to what we see, no matter anything logic tells us. Which tells me, climbers are...What? How are we able to so easily do what we do? Okay, most of us are nuts, fine, but maybe, just maybe, wired with an over ride switch? Why does my body react to an obviously safe input, yet, is fine and dandy with the equally obvious real danger? Best, Helen
Helen, are you drinking again? :)
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