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Lightweight Leki Trekking Poles, Women's sz. 38 Charmoz GTX boots, BD Contact Strap 'pons, Rab 4-Season tent, Julbo glacier glasses, Jetboil Flash, Sticht plate!, Titan cordellette, Ecrin Roc

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Ben B · · saint helens, oregon · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 325

OK... moar stuff
TERMS - split paypal and shipping, so shoot me yer zip plez so's I can give you your 50% shipping cost quote. If the total is less than $20, I'm gonna have to ask you pay all shipping and fees.

you can email me direct

  • Superlite leki trekking poles:…
  • Scara Charmoz GTX alpine boots, sz. 38, worn twice on two short snow hikes, like new - $200
  • BD Contact Strap crampons, very nice used condition, sharp - $80
  • BD pear-shape HMS with HB Wales Sticht plate - double rope, w/ spring - great shape, usable! - near and dear to my heart, $20
  • 5mm Titan brick-red cordellette alpine anchor - can't remember how long, but for 3 piece... so long enough - $20
  • *Rab Summit Superlite 2-man 4-season "bivy tent" - great shape - FREE SNOW STAKES!!! - $275
  • BD leashes - $20
  • Julbos with side sun-blocky things and case, some light scratches on lenses - $30
  • Petzl Ecrin Roc? - old/bombproof - $30
  • Jetboil Flash - PLASTIC cup cracked, cooking cup/pot 100% condition, comes with stand & pietzo or however the fuck that's spelled still works.. pretty totally OK condition - will include spoon - $55.00

SOLD GriGris - original version
SOLD CAMP Lift, light use
SOLD BD Alpamayo ice axe - 70cm
SOLD BD pear-shaped HMS-ish locker with DMM V-Twinn belay device - if you're unfamiliar with these, they're like an ATC XP but made from STAINLESS STEEL and don't get melt-your-rope hot like aluminum devices do on long rappels. Why they never caught on, I doughnut know.
SOLD BD avi shovel - D3? is the one with the shorter handle - Very good condition
SOLD Edelweiss reddish/pinkish 10.3mm rope - 60m - good light used condition, mostly looks brand new with a few mild furry spots
SOLD BD Hotwire quick draws
SOLD G-String training grips! - (note mine are an earlier version)
SOLD The slings-n-things deal
SOLD Petzl Oscilante
SOLD DMM Nut tool
SOLD Firnline Design Abalakov thread tool - if you're unfamiliar, these are DOPE. So light, retracts into a nice synthetic leather sleeve, sharp lil hook on it
SOLD BlueWater Ice Floss yellow 7.7mm twin ropes, 30m/ea (yea, was a 60 originally) - great shape - great superlite alpine line!
SOLD BD Android leashes
SOLD Meteor III+ - Has a sharp little dent on top COMES WITH PETZL COVER!!!HLYSHT
SOLD 30m red 6mm cord - excellent condition - I used for bail-cord when soloing
SOLD BD Octane 30l pack - gray - L - moderate wear, no damage or functional issues, small/minor cuts/abrasions in the stretchy panels
SOLD Metolius Freenut tool
SOLD BD Speed 40 pack - red - M - some minor wear, no holes rips or even really any abrasions - very good condition
SOLD CAMP HMS with Reverso 4 guide belay device
SOLD BD Half Dome, gray - worn once
SOLD Suunto Vector - Been worn a bunch in the alpine, some light scratches on crystal, works great no damage or problems
SOLD BSA Tracker2 UNUSED avalanche beacon with harness
SOLD Trango HMS with original BD ATC belay device
SOLD Mammut Serenity 8.7 60m (50m?) - Well used, but I still climb on it (thats how the Fusion stayed so nice)
SOLD CAMP Nano 23 racking biners
SOLD Yates pickets, the suite ones everyone loves
SOLD *CAMP Orbit lightweight lockers - basically like-new (most racked/never used)
SOLD Petzl Sarken? I don't fucken remember what these are - double ice front points, like Cyborgs, but non-replaceable - Full auto - great used shape, sharp, never sharpened
SOLD Petzl Toes - horizontal front points, HYBRID -
ALL SOLD Screws - various generations, but all express (1) 22 express (3) 16 express (2) 13 express (2) 10 express - all sharp, great shape, come with caps
SOLD Old Style BD nut set - sizes 1-13 with doubles in 1s, 2s & 3s (16 total) - definite signs of use, but no bashy/smashy shit, not even on the small ones. No big gouges, kinked cables, all in good shape
ALL SOLD CAMP Photon wiregates - pretty much like-new - (16 8 left)
SOLD MH Phantom 800 fill 15* bag, very good condition - mmmmm.. not sure I have the stuff sack, but it'll come in one, whether original or not
ALL SOLD Mammut Contact Sling - shoulder length - like new
SOLD Fusion Nano 70m 9.1mm single, blue - Great shape - used like twice
SOLDScarpa Phantom Guide boots sz. 42 - great infrequent use shape, no stinky
SOLD Snow stakes 12" lite
SOLD BD Raven ice axe - some pretty moderate wear with all the typical little dents and dings and scratches.
SOLD BD Spinner leashes (double)
ALL SOLD Buncha pins
SOLD CAMP Lift, light use,
SOLD GriGris - original version
SOLD two tiblocs

Guess that's good enough for now. Everything priced to liquidate, so don't go low ballzin me, por favor

Greg Shea · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2015 · Points: 10

Could you post a pic of the pitons, i'm thinking about getting some for some stuff in Canada, looking for long knifeblades mostly.

Nesta42 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 10

What is the length of the BD Raven?

Evan Pierce · · Seattle, WA · Joined May 2015 · Points: 10

How much for the alpine draws if they're available?

Nesta42 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2015 · Points: 10

PM sent on the Raven

fuzzy muzzle · · Seattle · Joined Oct 2016 · Points: 0

Why the hell does everyone beat me to the low priced alpine draws?!?!

Matt Michaels · · Pittsburgh, PA · Joined Sep 2014 · Points: 0

PM'd on nuts and some Nanos.

BrianWulf · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 0

What size are the helmets?

Mark J P · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2010 · Points: 0

BD leashes... this the leash.. that is on the axe in this pic..? If so I'll take it.. email incoming

christoph benells · · tahoma · Joined Nov 2014 · Points: 235

sent pm on crampons

Josiah Brubaker · · Seattle · Joined Jan 2015 · Points: 0

Is the Camp Lift for sale?

Captain Snowboots · · Seattle, WA · Joined Nov 2014 · Points: 35

Is that tibloc available?

Joseph Aja · · Flower Mound, Texas · Joined Aug 2016 · Points: 160

PM'd about GriGri

Andrew Gilsdorf · · Jackson · Joined May 2016 · Points: 0

Pm sent for those lockers

Andy W · · Fort Collins, CO · Joined Dec 2016 · Points: 33

pm send

courthouse · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Oct 2013 · Points: 175

Does the stitch plate have the spring attached to it, so the rope doesn't bind, also is it a single or double rope stitch plate? If it has the spring, I'll take it and the dmm stainless steel twin belay device with biners. I'll also take the free dmm nut tool please.

Mounir Fizari · · San Diego, CA · Joined Jan 2017 · Points: 130


Joseph Aja · · Flower Mound, Texas · Joined Aug 2016 · Points: 160

Received the GriGri promptly and packaged nicely, Thanks!

Jessica Shaw · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2017 · Points: 0


kyle pierce · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2017 · Points: 0

$50 for the rope?

kyle pierce · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2017 · Points: 0

Sent you an email

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