J-tree boulder good for kids?

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Jefferson Humphreys · Feb 7, 2017 · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2017 · Points: 0
Heading down to J-tree from Canada next week! Wondering if anyone can recommend a good area to bring a 6 and 3 three old, maybe even with some easy boulders for them as well? They're pretty used to messing around on my home wall...

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Locker · Feb 7, 2017 · Yucca Valley, CA · Joined Oct 2002 · Points: 1,635
Indian Cove is a good choice. Many low angle, easily accessed formations.

Don B · Feb 7, 2017 · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2016 · Points: 0
I'll second Lockers recommendation. I have taken youngsters to Morbid Mound in by the Group Campsite Rd and they had a fun time. There is a 5.1 staircase that may keep your 3 year old from getting frustrated. Indian Cove is very family friendly. Lots of restrooms, almost no traffic, and it won't be raging with tour buses.

Jefferson Humphreys · Feb 7, 2017 · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2017 · Points: 0
Thanks guys!

AndrewArroz · Feb 7, 2017 · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jan 2016 · Points: 0
Honestly, the entire park is great for that. But I'll third what the others said about Indian Cove. I was there recently with a big group of kids and it was fantastic for that. And the weather will be warmer than the high parts of the park.

Ken Noyce · Feb 7, 2017 · Layton, UT · Joined Aug 2010 · Points: 2,007
Jefferson Humphreys wrote:Really appreciate the quick replies! Most of the park is pretty good for kids then? I'm wondering about also finding a spot with some V5 and under problems as well as fun for kids?
Unfortunately, I haven't really bouldered much at J-tree, but overall, the park is very kid friendly and I've had no problems taking very young kids to many areas of the park. IMO, The biggest hazard for kids would be the cacti. Have fun!

susan peplow · Feb 7, 2017 · Joshua Tree · Joined Jan 2006 · Points: 2,060
The six year old should be great - my daughter was raised scrambling around JT and overall super safe place to be. Ideal really with it's large flat and sandy nature and ability to see distances (as t hey wonder and scramble off) The 3 year old, that may be a tricker as attention spans fade and long/cool nights . Suppose much of that depends on the children and their experience.

It sounds like you're coming to camp, but if you're looking to base out of a house - let me know, I might have a place to offer Bro-Deal depending on dates. JoshuaTreeVacationHomes


AJ · Feb 7, 2017 · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2001 · Points: 2,605
There is a super kids bouldering circuit near the Morbid Mound. It’s near the base of the route “Crack Queenie.” There are a couple grown-up problems here but they’re not great.

Louie Anderson bolted a couple of kid-friendly slab routes in Indian Cove. They’re too runout for kids to lead but fun topropes. Look up “Baby Steps” on MP.

All Washed Up has a killer kids bouldering traverse along its base.

For a wide variety of bouldering options for kids and adults, check out the Outback area. Many classic problems. This area also contains the Iron Door Cave and the Hobbit Hole cave, both must-dos for kids of any age.

bouldering near the Iron Door Cave

phylp · Feb 7, 2017 · Upland · Joined May 2015 · Points: 115
The biggest hazard for kids would be the cacti.

Yes. And the occasional rattlesnake.

Fat Dad · Feb 8, 2017 · Los Angeles, CA · Joined Nov 2007 · Points: 5
Indian Cove would be great. If you want to head into the main park, I like the Outback quite a bit. The 3 yr. old might need some steering to avoid the occasional cholla and yucca, but there's good fun to be had. My kids love the Hobbit Hole and the general exploring.
Inside the Hobbit Hole.

Jefferson Humphreys · Feb 9, 2017 · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2017 · Points: 0
Such great info... thanks everyone! And thank you Susan, but we're actually staying with my in laws. 10 days might feel like a long time though... so who knows lol

susan peplow · Feb 9, 2017 · Joshua Tree · Joined Jan 2006 · Points: 2,060
In-laws... even better! Have a great visit, weather is finally looking as it should. It's been an incredible wet winter.

Palm Springs Air Museum has open cock-pit on Saturday mornings , that might be fun for the kids for an off-day.

Plenty of other activities too to keep you busy. Have a blast!

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